Happy Easter to you all


A very Happy Easter to you all from Littlestuff

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Last Chance to win £200 M&S Vouchers – closes tomorrow!

We joined forces with Compare The Market to find out what you’re plotting for your own Golden Years. Because of course, none of the magic is going to happen without a little forethought and a lot of planning. Life Insurance is one of those dull, grown up things that sadly seems to become more important to think about as the years go by (if you’re looking, just make sure you shop around and compare, because not all policies are created equal. You can click here to try comparethemarket).

Just leave us a comment telling us your Grand Plan for your own retirement

Just leave us a comment telling us your Grand Plan for your own retirement

To be in with a chance to win the £200 of M&S Vouchers, please answer the first three questions in the Rafflecopter box below. You will then be able to generate more entries by completing the other, optional, entry methods. The closing date for this competition is midnight tomorrow (20th April) and only entries received on or before then can be included. The 1st prize winner will be the first randomly selected entry.  Good luck!

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The Tipping Point App – Warning: Addictive Game Alert.

tipping point app

Have you seen the show? Well now you can take on the Tipping Point machine in the official App of the hit ITV game show!
Barnstorm Games have launched the iOS and Android App based on ITV’s show Tipping Point.

To play you have to answer questions to win counters worth £50 each to drop into the coin pusher machine (yes, it’s JUST like the old 2p slot machines, and just as agonisingly frustrating), dropping them into your choice of four ‘drop zones’.
Then you cross your fingers and hope to push piles of coins off a pair of moving shelves and onto a lower red zone; the more you collect, the greater the eventual prize fund.
The player who has won the least amount of money in each round is eliminated, until only one player remains to play for the jackpot of £10,000 (I’ve never made it that far yet…).

yes, I got this one wrong. *sigh*

Yes, kicking myself I got this one wrong. Idiot. *sigh*

The app’s great – the questions are answerable, but not easy, and there are enough tricky ones to not get boring, but enough easy ones to not make you get fed up at being such a dunce.

I have played this more than a few times (it’s addictively frustrating when you get knocked out, and oh the lure of those dropping 2p coins…) and I’ve not seen any repeated questions so far. The computer is not always a consistently challenging opponent, finding obvious questions wrong, then tricky ones simple, but it feels enough of a competition to make it interesting to play.
There are no additional in-app purchases, which is a pleasant surprise, and you apparently get to play the game in its entirety with no further spending (not that I’ve tested that yet, I haven’t made it that far). 

  • Play with up to 4 players (on one device)
  • Features all the rounds from the show:
  • - On The Buzzer
  • - Against The Clock
  • - Head To Head
  • - Jackpot Push
  • An exclusive new Quick Play Mode
  • Extremely realistic 3D physics simulation
  • Mystery and Jackpot counters
  • Optional computer controlled opponents
  • Over 1,000 UK friendly questions

So have you got what it takes to beat The Machine? Quiz and amusement enthusiasts, as well as fans of the show, can now take on The Machine on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad , iPad mini, Android Phones and Tablets in the official App of the popular RDF TV game show, Tipping Point. Available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Appstore, priced at £1.49.

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New Competition – Win £200 BHS gift card to spend in any department of the store!

The sun is shining, and the windows are flung wide – the world is definitely feeling Springy.

But all that glorious sunlight flowing into the house has a definite downside; yes, you know I can see you grimy windows and dusty surfaces. And grey skirting boards. And grubby carpet edges. And oh those dusty lampshades… *shamed face*


It’s time for a spring clean. Which sounds an Evil Thing when you look around, but here’s something I’ve never admitted in public before. Once I get started? It’s addictive. It’s like when you start shining your kitchen sink and you notice the state of the tiles… and then the cupboard doors… and then the extractor hood… two hours later your kitchen is gleaming, your hands are raw, but you’re wearing that satisfied smile on your face as you prance across your shiny floor to reward yourself with a  cup of tea.

bhs lighting

So with those lampshades glaring at me through their gloomy winter coating of dust (Kim & Aggie are right y’know; clean the shades and it’s amazing how much brighter the room looks instantly), it felt like a proverbial boot in the rear end when BHS asked if we’d like to run a comp around their amazing Lighting department.

So here’s your chance to get ahead on the spring cleaning – what more of an excuse do you need to freshen up your winter den than the chance of £200 to spend on goodies to spoil it with?

bhs lighting department
What if we were to give you £200 to spend at BHS… what would you choose to spend it on?

If you’re a blogger, tell us in a blog post (leave the URL in the Rafflecopter magickery below) and you get TEN entries. If you’re not a blogger then fret not – you still get chances to win too, just by telling us what you’d spend it on in a comment instead.
And there’s all the usual extra entry options with tweets and facebooking and the like.

To be in with a chance to win a £200 Gift Card for BHS, please enter using the Rafflecopter box below. The closing date for this competition is 18th May 2014 and only entries received on or before that date can be included. The 1st prize winner will be the first randomly selected entry.  Good luck!

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When LittleStuff did Easter Crafts #BostikBloggers

This month’s Bostik pack was all about Easter Crafts. We had felt and foam sheets, polystyrene eggs, coloured cake cases, fluffy pompoms, googly eyes, foam sticky-backed flowers, coloured pipe cleaners, glitter pens and from Bostik the ‘Glu Dots’. Oh the potential – the possibilities were endless.

Happy Chicks. ish.

Happy Chicks. Ish. And yes I know the green one  looks decidedly nervous in the jaws of the egg… And yes, yes you can have green, blue and pink chicks.

With no real plan but for an afternoon spent with the 7yr old, I laid out the pack before her and waited to see what her imagination did. Naturally, she honed straight in on the fluffy pom-poms and googly eyes…

But that wasn’t enough – we are Easter Egg Hunting on Sunday, and we need baskets. Having meandered around Pinterest for a bit, I decided to combine a few ideas I had, and design my own Basket Craft. I know, brave or what?

The results were a bit hit-and-miss, but we had a LOT of fun, and spent an entire afternoon sitting around a table chatting – which is probably my very favourite reason to do crafts with my children.

Standing proudly, waiting for Sunday.

Standing proudly, waiting for Sunday.

Thanks Bostik; we loved the mess-free Glu Dots – can’t wait to see what you send us next month!

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Spotted: Pollys Pantry Jug #EasterGiftIdeas

SPollys Pantry Jug Eastergiftideas

This had us oooing and ahhing, we love this very pretty Pollys Pantry Jug by John Lewis, and guess what..there are loads more to buy in the same range…you lucky things :-)

Beautifully hand decorated ceramic stoneware jug, individually crafted to provide a unique and elegant table piece.

Polly’s Pantry is a sweet range of durable crockery ideal for everyday use. Its hand painted pattern of pastel dots, stripes and flowers instantly conveys the mood of a modern-day farmhouse cottage. Charming and chic, this collection is perfect for vintage-style enthusiasts. Use on its own or mix it with white pieces for a gentle contemporary look.

  • H18 x W17.5 x D9cm
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Material – Stoneware
  • Microwave Safe

Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide

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Heating Your House – room by room.

B2UBy Evohome

We were really lucky when we bought our house 20 years ago – the previous owner had been a Gas engineer, and we had a seriously good heating system already installed. We actually have thermostat controls for both upstairs and downstairs, which we’ve always loved, allowing us to just heat the parts of the house we’re using.
Once the children are all tucked up in bed at night, there is absolutely no need for upstairs to be anything higher than 16 or 17 degrees, – but we can make downstairs a nice cosy 21 if we want to.
So I totally ‘got’ the idea instantly when I read about Evohome’s new system, which controls your heating room by room.
How brilliant is that?

So if we’re spending a family evening watching a movie together, we can adjust the rest of the house to cool down, and only heat the room we’re all in – not the whole of the downstairs, mind, like we can now – just the one room. Brilliant.

Similarly, the husband and I work from home, using just the one office for most of the day. In the winter it gets SO cold (WHY do your fingers get so chilly when you’re typing?), but it always feels so extravagant to heat the house (or in our case just the upstairs) for one solitary room. We did have an electric fan heater for a while, until we worked out it was actually more expensive to run that than it was to heat the whole of the upstairs with all its empty rooms!

We do have quite a large house y’see – we extended our modest 3 bed semi to a 5-bed with office. Which means it’s not a very deep house, but it is wide. So all that heating going on when we’re in one spot in the middle seems such a waste. To be able to just heat the office, using our economical gas central heating system, strikes me as a genius idea.
You can create up to 12 zones in your home that can be controlled individually - for me that’d be living room, kitchen, bathroom (oh, imagine setting a toasty bathroom just before you head off for an hour’s isolation floating in the bubbles…), dining room, kids bedrooms, our bedroom… and I’m out of ideas. 12 is WAY more than we’d need, even if we set the children’s bedrooms individually (which’d be a good idea, actually, as Bear’s room is right over the hot water pipes, thickly carpeted and never chilly, while two of the boys have two external walls plus laminate flooring – and are ALWAYS chilly!).

Honeywell suggest that upgrading a basic timer and a thermostat controls to Evohome smart zoning can deliver up to 40% savings on heating your home. Which is not only genius, but plain ole smart too.

control central heating app

On top of all THAT (as if that wasn’t enough) there’s a mobile app too.

Which means that when you ‘pop out’ for an hour and find yourself coming home hours later, in the dark, to a freezing cold house – you don’t need to now. You can set your heating while you’re out, so when you get back it’s warm and toasty and welcoming for you. And if you go away for a winter break and a cold snap occurs – no need to worry about the house and all the heating being turned off because you can turn it back on again from wherever you are.

I also happen to know someone (you know who you are) who uses her phone to turn the heating up when she’s at her computer; because the control panel is upstairs and that’s just WAY too far to go.
Shocking, I know, but it’s true.

If, like me, you think 12 zones are probably WAY to much for you, then just take a look at the Evohome System Planning Tool – you can quickly figure out just how many of which bits of the system you’ll need for your own home.

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Spotted: Floral Egg Soap Tin #EasterGiftIdeas


We like this charming soap-filled tin with floral details brought to you by Museum Selection. Inspired by richly-coloured chromolithograph scraps, popular in England from the 1850s and used to decorate greetings cards and furniture. Designs include tulips, crocuses, roses, peonies and daffodils.

Contains 30g vegetable soap, 2″ long.
Each tin 2 ¾” long.
6 assorted designs, 3 designs available.

A snip at just £5.50I think you will agree :-)

Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide

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Spotted: Girls Easter Bunny Dress #EasterGiftIdeas


We think this Easter Bunny Dress for Girls by Wild Things Funky Little Dresses brought to you by Not On The High Street is very cute indeed.

Handmade in softest biscuit coloured cotton corduroy, with a delightful bunny rabbit appliqué face, and cute claw paw pockets. A perfect Easter gift, and great for the Easter egg hunt.

With a cheeky little pom pom tail and pink spot print trim on pockets with felt claws. This little dress is sure to be a favourite piece all year round, whilst promoting role play.

Not only thats it grows with your child with two adjustable buttons. Layer with tights, and can also be worn as a tunic, as she grows.

An exclusive Wild Things character play dress. Handmade in the UK.

made from:

100% cotton European quality super soft needle cord. Fully washable at 30 degrees .Gentle cycle.

Sizes from 6mnths all the way up to 8yrs!

Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide

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Spotted: Make Your Own Bird House Kit #EasterGiftIdeas


Brought to you by Sparks Living on Not on The High Street, we simply love this idea and to be honest it would suit most occasions as well as Easter, but we just couldn’t resist it.

With these kits you have everything you need to make cute little birdhouses. It is supplied as a kit that pops out with easy to follow instructions. Once made they can be used as party favours to fill with sweets. Personalise them with a name as a place name for your party table.

They make a fun create and make activity for children.

The price is for 1 birdhouse kit you can also buy in a set of 6 or 12 at a reduced price. Comes complete with ribbon to hang the birdhouse.

Made from

Made from sturdy card and ribbon



Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide

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Spotted: Clucky Hen Egg Cosy (pair) by Mogwaii Design #EasterGiftIdeas


We love these Clucky hen Egg Cosies by Mogwaii and brought to you by Not on The High Street.

Each one is made specifically to order so are unique!

They are hand made on the isle of Lismore . Their sole purpose in life is to keep your eggs cosy and they do it very well. They are are made entirely of the finest wool tweed and tartan and measure 3 3/4″ x 4 3/4″

Due to small parts we are advised this product is not suitable for children under 36 months

Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide

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Spotted: The Half & Half Ostrich Egg #EasterGiftIdeas


Chocolate had to appear in our offerings somewhere so here it is…and this has to be the Daddy of Easter Eggs, and we do love our choccy don’t we! This monster half and half Ostrich Egg is brought to you by those very fab people at Hotel Chocolat :-)

Truly enormous shells, one 50% milk with crispy feuilletine, and one 70% dark chocolate, studded with almonds, filled with an exciting collection of 29 milk and dark chocolates – for the very best of both worlds.

You’ll also discover six fabulous foil-wrapped milk chocolate egglets hidden in your Ostrich box, each filled with a thrilling salted runny caramel.
1.125kg / 39.7oz

What can you say about all of that except ….MMMMMMMMMM ;-)
Easter Gift Idea suggestions Guide
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