Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer | Pre-Christmas Shopping

Lots of people coming for Christmas dinner? Busy kitchen, too many pans on the hob? Then you need one of these bad boys – a food steamer. Not only space-saving, they’re cost-saving and a great time saver as well. Plus there’s the huge huge bonus that it’s a very healthy way to cook – and once you switch to steamed veg, you never go back.

Mine never leaves the kitchen at Christmas – I can do ALL the dinner veg in one stack. It used to take three hobs burning, and let’s face it, no one’s got the cash for that much gas these days!

Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer, 800 W, 9 Litre, White | Pre-Christmas Shopping
Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer, 800 W, 9 Litre, White

And it’s not just your veg: meat and fish keeps its flavour and succulence because the steaming process infuses the food, sealing in its natural juiciness and nutritional values. The Russell Hobbs 3-Tier Food Steamer has stacked baskets with a total capacity of 9 Litre, so you can steam different foods simultaneously without having to juggle pots and pans on your cooker hob.

Ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat and fish the three tier steamer provides one of the healthiest ways to cook minimising the loss of nutrients and vitamins. With a powerful 800 W and turbo steam design, you can cook food on multiple levels all at once saving you time energy and money. Three separate basket layers provide a generous 9 Litre capacity ideal when entertaining guests or cooking for larger families. With two water inlets, one on each side you can easily refill your steamer, regardless of where it’s sat on your kitchen worktop. Requiring no oil and giving off no smoke, steaming your food leaves very little mess to clean up after you have finished.

See, absolutely perfect!

The Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer, 800 W, 9 Litre, White is available on Amazon for just under £35. We think this is going to be one of the best investments you could ever make.

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  1. Can it used to make puddings also? Eg. caramel pudding

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