Easy Ways to Make Your Own Designed Cupcakes

A study showed that time spent in the kitchen would alleviate stress and anxiety, and also boost awareness. The cooking and baking process not only contributes to improving mood and emotions (I’m definitely a comfort baker – often cracking out the mixer and pans at 9 in the evening), but also naturally enhances the feeling of satisfaction achieved by the look of the finished product. Baking has become something of a creative process. Not only would you appreciate the unbelievably good smell of chocolate treats from the oven, but it turns out to also be a perfect activity for your emotional and mental well-being. 

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Cupcakes are typically among the first products to be made by inexperienced bakers. They are incredibly simple to make from scratch and need very few ingredients. Start your creative imagination going by baking your perfect cupcake recipe. Probably depends on the occasion, or what you feel, you can create various cupcake toppings. Decorating cupcakes are a perfect way to also include the children or you might discover some of your own artistic abilities with fun creations! Below are some of the easy ways to make your own designed cupcakes.  


One item that can help you embellish like a pro is a decorating bag that comes in triangle variations of reusable, disposable, or parchment. Tip sizes differ and will help you build anything from rose petals to scalloped edges and much more. From smooth and stiff buttercreams to fluffy whipped meringue frosting varieties, you can pick the right kind for the look and taste you want to achieve. Before you start frosting or glazing, make sure to polish freshly baked cupcakes with your fingers or a clean soft brush to get rid of any crumbs.

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The simple way to transform your typical cupcake look elegant is to design a rose on top of it. Only a pastry bag and a closed star tip are all you need which you can get at the nearest supply stores. Make a spiral from the inside of the cupcake to the outer perimeter with your pastry bag going. In order to practice, try a sequence in a piece of waxed paper. You get a simple, yet elegant rose design once finished. A dozen or so would add an element to every party, and besides people prefer the look of a bridal shower with pastel roses.


There are just as many ways to garnish cupcakes, with as much candy as there is on the planet.   Apply individual pieces of candy carefully around the outer edges or use them to form a shape such as smileys, flowers, and stars. If candy is too fragile or tiny for simple handling with your fingertips, consider using tweezers to apply. Moreover, don’t ignore the candy bar because of its size because you can use a food processor or blender to pulverize it to garnish. The greatest thing about using candy as a garnish is how it offers all sorts of decorative shapes, colors, and tastes, making it much easier to match your cupcakes to the theme of your event. 

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The common colored sprinkles are a tried and true cupcake embellishment in solid or assorted color combinations. Its options range from fine, sandy granules to pretty small forms.  Keep the strainer higher for a light and even dusting, and lower for denser coverage when applying quite small granules. Do not let your artistic prowess be constrained by the pre-packaged sprinkles on the grocery stores. Many comparatively tiny edibles can function as a type of sprinkle and some of which are now available in your kitchen. Feel free to put on cocoa powder, roughly chopped nuts, and perhaps even coffee. Spices such as cinnamon, may also do the trick and add a whole other spice element to your desserts. 

Fresh Fruit

Experiment with fruit if you are searching for ways to decorate cupcakes without putting on a bunch of high sugar toppings. Create various small pieces and shapes of your fruit selections to display. You may be fascinated as to how many forms you can slice up berries, lychee or mango. Moreover, you can crush the fruit so it brings on the texture of the jelly and uses it as a replacement for the icing of the cupcake. .Spread the fruit onto the cupcake crown for more indulgent flavor, prior to actually adding a thick layer of whipping cream or frosting. Creatively put a few bits and pieces or generously stack on fruit depending on the theme.

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Heat the oven, and get the happy endorphin in baking. Working in the kitchen is not only a trend for those with additional time. For individuals who love baking, it is often a great therapeutic experience.
And if you’ve conquered the cupcake, why not try your hand at our amazing Dorset Apple Cake recipe? It’s a family favourite – so easy and oh-so-delicious.

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