I have a new Art love – let me show you Desenio Posters

Being married to a photographer, you can’t help but end up living your life surrounded by images. Strangely though, the only ones of his we have up on the wall are the personal family ones – the gallery up the stairs of goofy family photos, and the bigger ones scattered around the walls of the artistic shots of beautiful children who’ve grown into grumpy teens that won’t pose (they’re mostly there just to remind us we had pliable happy children once…).

But we love art on the walls – birthday gifts to each other are often a much-longed for piece of art which become much-loved additions to the house.

But sometimes you dont’ want (or can afford) to spend an eye-watering amount of money on a canvas. Sometimes you just want to brighten up a space, create a new atmosphere in a room, add some colour or character to a quiet corner… and if that happens to be you, then my new-found happy place, Desenio, is exactly what you’ll be looking for.

Honestly, this place is a total smile-inducing gem of loveliness.

Founded in Sweden in 2010, they now (oh-so-happily) ship internationally. And you are going to be so glad they do. Desenio offers a massive assortment of posters, prints and frames – all achingly cool, stylish or amusing in that way the Swedes find so effortless. I mean look;

birds on grey sky print

We’re not talking dated Ahena-styled poster art, nor is it bands and pop images. This is stylishly cool – and achingly pretty artwork for your walls. I just love love love that flock of birds against the grey sky (and it’s priced at under £5.50 for an A4-sized image).

Or maybe a quietly serene floral image is what you’re looking for? Why of course, madam, step right this way…

art print of magnolia blossom
Aren’t those magnolia blossoms glorious? I love the vintage feel to the print with those gentle pinks and the retro typeface – it feels like an illustration torn from the pages of a Victorian book on botany. And again, the 21x30cm size is less than £6!

But actually, what I love most about Desenio is the inspiration. It’s not just about finding a beautiful picture for your wall – its about knowing what to do with it.

I’ve fallen in love with this set of images for our dining room;

set of nature photographs

I love that they’re handily selected as working together, but then I can go ahead and choose which sizes I want for each. Personally I’d have the fabulous misty mountain forest as the largest, the owl smaller and the two nature details flanking them.

Or there’s this gorgeous collection which is perfect for the kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t need a golden pineapple on their wall? It’s fabulous.

cheap kitchen art
Honestly. You need to go and look for yourself. The prices are ridiculously low (even the very biggest of poster sized prints are well under £30), shipping is FREE if you’re spending over £29 – and right now today there’s 20% off.

Go, look, BUY!

(also – follow Desenio on Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration, offerings and happenings. They’ll just bring a little artistic smile to your social media feed!)


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