Reasons to take your teen on a helicopter ride in New York

Taking your teenager to New York City may be a wiser option than when they were younger. At this age, they may be more likely to gain entry to certain attractions that aren’t suited to a younger audience. Likewise, they may also appreciate the trip, and time together, more, especially if they plan on leaving for university soon. A helicopter ride could become part of your itinerary, especially if you have the forethought to save up for it before you travel.

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Ease of booking

While the ride itself may cost quite a bit, the actual booking process doesn’t need to be as troubling. You can book a helicopter ride over New York using an internet provider. One, such as HelloTickets, can allow you to look into the different tours available, and then book on a day and time that best suits you. This could allow you to see the city in all its glory during the day, or go for a great night-time tour to see everywhere lit up. Booking in advance can also enable you to double-check the weather predicted for that day, giving you the best pick possible. You and your teen may then also be able to look into other activities before and after your ride, to really make the most of your time.

A chance to destress

While a holiday can be fun for the whole family, it may be a much-needed break for your teen. Students who are studying for, and taking, their GCSE or A level exams may suffer from a high level of anxiety which can be understandable when you consider the immense pressure on them. Taking your teen for a helicopter ride can be a nice way to show them you are proud of them, as well as to reward them for their hard work. Some teens may have found the last few years to be an incredible struggle, with remote learning and isolation, so getting out and seeing a major city from the sky may help them to feel seen and acknowledged.

Lessons in budgeting

As mentioned, helicopter rides can be rather expensive. You may not want to front the cost for this on your own. If your teen has a part-time job or even does chores for an allowance, you may be able to use this idea to teach them about budgeting and saving money. As an example, you could ask them to save half the money for the ride, with you fronting the other 50%. If they manage to do so, getting to partake in this incredible experience could be a reward. Alongside this, it may also help to genuinely motivate them to make sensible financial choices in the future.

A helicopter ride in New York can allow you to spend some quality time with your teenager, provide a teaching opportunity, or even be a great reward for their academic achievements. Considering this for your next holiday may help to make it that much more exciting.

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