5 of the Coolest Lamps for a Teenager’s Bedroom

Redecorating your teen’s bedroom slowly becomes a priority as they move from 12 to 14. We know – we’ve just re-done our 15yr old’s. It wasn’t that long ago that he was thrilled at a floor-to-ceiling Marvel Avengers mural. Now? Not so much.
And you know how it is – while you’re decorating, you always have an eye to the fact that they’re going to change tastes again pretty quickly in the next few years. So to avoid another total redecoration in two years time it’s often a really good idea to keep the basics neutral, and then accessorise with splashes of stuff they love. They’re much easier to switch out when they grow tired of the scheme their younger teen self thought was cool.
Lamps for a Teenager’s Bedroom are a simple and yet oh-so-effective way to add warmth and character (as well as light!) to their room – we’ve been hunting about ourselves, and have found some top picks for you…

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Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp

Unicorn Lamps for a Teenager's Bedroom

Come on. Who doesn’t want a glowing unicorn next to their bed? And not just a plain old white one either – this magical mythical steed is a multicoloured marvel to provide the perfect enchanting glow for your night time adventures.

Powered by mains or batteries, he has four different modes to suit every teenage mood (pretty sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for the Patronising Eyeroll, the Sullen Door Slam and the Sad Silence…).

The Unicorn Lamp is £50 from Firebox

Toy Lamps for a Teenager’s Bedroom

Games Icon Lamps for a Teenager's Bedroom

I love this lamp a little bit more than is probably appropriate. Tell me I’m not wrong – this is an old board game playing piece, isn’t it? I spent hours sliding one of these around Sorry! and Cluedo boards when I was younger.

I love it.

It’s made of glass, emits its light evenly on all sides, and comes not just in white but in violet, red, green and orange too. Or, if you like, it comes in Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green or Colonel Mustard.

The Toy Table Lamp is £57 from Lights.co.uk

Starry Bell Jar Lamp


So SO pretty.

A solid wooden base, and a classic glass bell jar dome cover the mass of fairy lights within.
the lights are LED’s, so use a tiny fraction of energy, and never get hot – and they’re main-powered too. What a beautiful, dramatic bedside lamp. I want one.

Best of all, the vintage Starry Bell Jar lamp is UNDER £14 on Amazon!

Gold Hare Bedside Lamp

hare lamp for teen bedroom

Hilarious – every time I look at this I grin. This hare is just rubbish at Hide & Seek, isn’t he?
Measuring almost 2′ tall, this gorgeously silly ceramic hare comes complete with the lamp shade, ready to cheer up the gloomiest teen with his pointy ears.
I think he’s called Clarence. Someone give him a home. And explain the way hide and seek works, will you?

The Gold Hare Table Lamp is £30 on Amazon

Watt Table Lamp

lightbulb industrial Lamps for a Teenager's Bedroom

Okay, no silliness here; this one’s for the achingly cool fashionista teenager with buckets of classic style. The giant glass bulb shade, complete with a copper finish to the base – don’t be fooled by the design, it stands a foot tall and will look just as cool on the floor as it will on a bedside table.

The Contemporary Bulb Lamp is £45 in John Lewis

We’ve also found the very best teenager’s desk lamp right here.

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5 of the Coolest Lamps for a Teenager's Bedroom

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