DELICIOUS – easy sausage rolls recipe. Just TWO ingredients!

Because you can’t rely on cheap supermarket sausage rolls. ugh. Just no. We all know that when you get that craving you’re looking for the warm, crispy, flaky, meaty goodness of a fresh-baked sausage roll. A pasty, soggy pale thing that’s been in a wrapper for a day just doesn’t come close, does it?

The plate is part of Tesco’s Summer range, and is the Batik range giant charger, available in stores for a magnificent £8!

Disclaimer – Tesco provided the melamine plate for the photo shoot. Recipe & content all mine! Post does contain affiliate links.

Well – of course, you can make your own from scratch. Thay will taste amazing. You can take hours to make the perfect puff pastry. You can start with the pork mince and lovingly create your own sausagemeat filling.


You can do what I do. And let me tell you these babies taste amazing.
Trust me.
I always bake twice as many as I think I need, and they last mere hours before there’s just a few scattered crumbs left on a forlorn looking empty plate.

Here, let me show you my ingredients list for the above plate of sausage roll easy magnificence:

I know.

I’m not even ashamed – because these sausage rolls are so bloody perfect, there’s no shame required.


  • Ready rolled puff pastry.

Listen, even Nigella buys puff pastry. It takes hours to make – life is simply too short, when a pack of the ready rolled is £1 and instantly available for you to use.
I use Tesco’s own ready rolled puff pastry for my easy sausage rolls recipe – one sheet makes 8 mid-sized sausage rolls (32 mini ones)

  • 1 pack good sausages

Here’s the thing – the key to a great sausage roll is the quality of the meat. Of course you can make your own sausagemeat from scratch, but remember we’re talking about an easy sausage rolls recipe here: if you buy a really good quality sausage (we’re personal fans of the Tesco Finest Pork Sausages, they’re a staple on my weekly shop), someone else has already done the work for you. Just be sure to buy the best you can – I aim for a pork content over 95% in a plain sausage (I’m also particularly fond of the pork & apple version in a sausage roll – just play with whatever works for you)

  • 1 egg or splash of milk

OKay, there’s a third ‘ingredient’ I forgot – you’ll need something to seal the pastry; just damping them with water works perfectly. But then I use an egg (or milk if I’m out of eggs) glaze them, so I tend to use whatever I’m using to glaze as the sealer too.

Easy Sausage Rolls Recipe

  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas 6/180ºC fan
  • Skin the sausages.
    Using a sharp knife, split the sausage skin and peel it away from the sausage meat. Go ahead and throw away the skins.
  • Lay out the pastry sheet
    **tip – Leave it on the baking paper it is rolled in! Laying it with the rectangle running away from you is easiest I find.
  • Lay two of the skinned sausages end-to-end, and squash them slightly to join to each other, and to run to the ends of the pastry.
  • Simply roll the edge of the pastry up and over the sausages. Use your milk or egg to dampen the pastry on the far side of the sausages, and roll to seal.
  • Using a sharp knife, slice gently through the pastry to cut off your giant roll (be careful not to slice through the baking paper), and then slice it into three.
easy sausage rolls recipe instructional
  • Repeat the process again with the next two sausages. I score the tops and glaze with the egg (or milk) as I go, but you can just do them all at the end.
  • Once you have completed your sausage rolls (you might have cut them into mini versions and have over 30, or you might have created jumbo sausage rolls and only sliced them into two), make sure they are all scored and glazed.
  • Move them to a baking sheet – I always simply lift and move the baking paper they are sitting in, but you can’t do that if you’ve made loads of minis! Do reuse their own baking paper to bake them on though, don’t wste it or think it’s just packaging.
  • Bake in the oven for 35 minutes.
magnificent homemade easy sausage rolls recipe

Straight out of the oven your easy sausage rolls recipe won’t look all that impressive. But put them onto a pretty plate… oh me oh my…

delicious homemade sausage rolls

(If you love a simple not-really-a-recipe, try our cheats dead easy lasagne. You’re welcome.)

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