Everything you ever wanted to know (and quite a lot that you didn’t) about LittleStuff.

A long long time ago I had two under 3’s, and another baby due in a few months time. I did NOT want to trek down the High Street. I wanted to sit in a comfy chair, coffee at my side, and find something… different. Back then, I knew that hiding away in little nooks and crannies of the interwebs were some really great companies with some truly amazing products and services for me, my babies, children, teens… the whole family, in fact. If only I could find them…

Remember, this was wa-a-a-y back in 2004; back when you needed super-human powers of search on Yahoo to find anything. And the patience of a Good Person if you wanted to visit more than three websites in an hour on your sizzlingly-hot-and-clickety modem.

But there wasn’t such a place back then. Nowhere that you could find the hand-crocheted pram blankets, bespoke footmuffs or seriously amazing Owl Things and Cat Mugs (y’know, the important things). This was oh-so-long before Pinterest, Etsy or NOTHS.

So I made one.

This is how we looked, way back in 2004.

This is how we looked, way back in 2004.

And here it’s been ever since. Of course, we stopped being a directory of hard-to-find little independents quite some time ago – who needs that these days, eh? Search engines work, businesses have good web sites, NOTHS and Etsy happened (Dammit). No need for me to list ’em for you any more.

No, now we’re all about blogging the Ooooh! stuff. You know, those pretty, quirky, fun little things that you see and your brain spontaneously makes that “oooh!” squeak way deep down inside as your mouse clicks on that purty picture before you even knew you wanted to.

Uh-huh. I know.

We’re also rather keen on the ole competitions. Yes yes yes. We all love to win free stuff.

And we’ll test drive a product or two as well – let you know if it’s really worth splashing some of your hard-earned moolah on.

We’ve ended up talking about lots and lots of companies. Here’s the low down on what we’re saying and why:

  • Honesty. Always. If we think something’s a bit rubbish, we simply won’t talk about it. We never ever lie. Not even for cash.
  • Reviews. We’ve had the product sent to us, we’ve tried living with it – and this is what we honestly think of it.
  • SpottedWe’ve seen it online, and we’ve made a spontaneous “Oooh!” noise. We’ve not tried it in real life, but we think it’s really pretty-looking.
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