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Time and again I’m tasked with finding decent earbuds for my ever-connected-to-tech teens. I have tried the super-cheap under £10 versions; they’re okay… but you’ll only have sound in one ear within 2mths so it’s not actually money-saving in the long run. My aim now is to find earbuds under £20 that will keep a sound-snob teen happy in his ears.

So when 1More got in touch to see if we’d like to review the Single Driver 1M301 earbuds (the ‘Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones’), I jumped at the chance. At under £20 they’re the perfect price point – hopefully sturdy enough to spend half a year wrapped around a teenager without breaking, anyway. So I handed the parcel over to Boy, who at 17 goes through more headphones than anyone else thanks to his ‘need’ of falling asleep with music in his ears… (*sigh*). Here’s what he had to say;

Single Driver 1M301 earbuds

The 1More single driver in-ear headphones are a blessing. That’s pretty much my review in a nutshell! And to be honest I didn’t believe these were earbuds under £20.
As someone who has struggled exponentially with faulty and flimsy headphones, its refreshing to see a quality pair for such a low price. They’re equipped with a volume control box kitted out with a microphone (wonderful for calls) and tangle free wires (my favourite three words in the world).

Sturdy and reliable, this pair of headphones has come all over with me come rain or shine and has still lived up to be a reliable product. One of my biggest gripes with headphones nowadays is how easy they seem to falter. I often sleep listening to music and the amount of headphones I have gone through due to sleeping slightly on top of one is absurd.

However I have had the 1More for a couple of months now and the quality is still as preserved as it was the day I unboxed it. Coming in a variety of colours from black to pink and blue to red, these aren’t just a sturdy pair of headphones but a stylish pair as well. Sleek and simple metallic colours and effects make it a very attractive pair. The sound quality itself is excellent and crisp. Having tested in quite literally through rainstorms and high gales, the quality never drops an inch, never relying too hard on either the treble or the bass, it has the perfect balance between the two.

earbuds under £30

In relation to the competition around the same price, the headphone pair I had before was a £60 Sennheiser, and let me say that the Sennheisers pale in comparison. The 1More really has all the bang for your buck and best of all, these are comfy. Coming with multiple fits for your ears, a standard for modern day earphones thankfully, I was able to choose a lower size and listen in ultimate comfort. My ears are slightly smaller than average so I’m grateful for the ability able to choose a smaller fitting that could snugly slide in my ear for the best possible experience for myself.

All in all, between quality crisp detailed sound, a comfortable wearing experience, a stylish and sleek design and a sturdy hardy tangle free cable, the 1More Single Drivers leave you with a reliable strong quality product that far outshines the competition in the same price range on the market.

The 1More single driver is possible the best value for your money out there right now. Would highly recommend this to anybody; it’s a quality listening experience that competes with earbuds from price ranges far above what you would see here.

Do yourself a favour – your teen will love you if you grab some of these headphones for under the Christmas Tree!

Nab the 1More Single Driver earbuds now on Amazon for £19.99.

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