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Throughout history, there have been countless so-called golden ages of entertainment.

In cinema, these have included the arrival of the talkies, the era of huge Hollywood epics like Ben Hur and Spartacus as well as the rise of the auteur movie in the 60s and 70s led by directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick. For music, it was most notably the explosion of the 60s and the knock-on effect in the 70s.

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But the arrival of the internet in all of our lives has created what is, arguably, the greatest age of entertainment ever, across many media and platforms. So today we can enjoy streamed music as we wake up, listen to a podcast on our way to work, take a little time out in the middle of the day for gaming and watch a streamed movie on Netflix in the evening.

Overall, it would be fair to say that there is now so much entertainment-based content that it can be quite overwhelming. Similarly, there is an overwhelming amount of technology with which to enjoy it. Luckily for the time-pressed, there is a filter that can guide us to the sorts of entertainment that we will enjoy the most, and it comes in the form of reviewers, not just of the content but of the tech too. So the old cliché that “everyone’s a critic now” truly has come to pass.  

And it’s not just entertainment that this applies to. Sites like TripAdvisor and Open Table mean that everyone and anyone can pass judgment on the vacations they’ve taken or the meals that they may, or may not, have enjoyed. With so many reviews out there, to be useful to any one person they need to come from a like-minded consumer of the particular piece of entertainment. But once you’ve found a reviewer or site whose opinions you value, it can open up a whole new world of entertainment.

Engaging the gaming community

No examination of the importance of insightful reviews can overlook gaming. With an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of games out there, it’s easy for many to also pass under the radar. Online reviews can also do far more than just bring games to people’s attention. They are often also filled with handy tips and hacks that can help players get more from the game.

Another often overlooked area related to gaming is the online casino world. There has been a positive profusion of these sites springing up in recent years making it impossible for would-be players to keep up. So the existence of review sites listing the many options available has been a true boon – and you can see a typical example in this LeoVegas Casino review. Providing pros and cons of the sites as well as useful details like payment methods and welcome bonuses, are essential in the decision-making process of which sites to play on.

Discovering movies and TV shows

A prime example comes in the form of movies and TV shows. While the long-running actors and writers strike, thankfully now resolved, has limited several fresh titles reaching the screen, generally, there are so many new releases that it’s hard to keep up. But when new ones do hit the screen it can be easy for them to pass under you– unless you’re on top of the reviews.

These can also direct you towards movies that you might normally veer away from. A prime example might be Martin Scorsese’s recent Killers of the Flower Moon. At four minutes short of three and a half hours, the running time alone could put many people off. But its overwhelmingly positive reception by reviewers, earning it a 93% Tomatometer score will have directed a good number to what is regarded as being a modern masterpiece.

Positive reviews can also lead viewers to discover TV shows that, without them, might well pass by unnoticed. Two recent instances in the last few years have been the media-family drama Succession and the coruscating dissection of the rich and privileged, White Lotus.

In both cases, they only really started to gain viewers as the online reviews explaining exactly just how compelling each one was started to be read.

Let’s not forget the music

Last, but by no means least, there’s the huge profusion of music that is now being created – and it’s never been easier for musicians to reach out to the world from their bedroom studios. With so much being produced, it could be easy to miss the next Billie Eilish unless online reviewers bring their work to the attention of music fans worldwide.

So it’s undoubtedly true that insightful reviews lead to an enhanced enjoyment of all kinds of entertainment – and everyone can reap the rewards of reading them.

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