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If you’re hunting for the perfect wireless headphones for your teen, stick around. I have been reviewing the 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds, and these might just be what you’re looking for. Because trust me – I feel your pain.

It goes without saying that any house with teens is a house filled with headphones. How did our parents manage when all we had was a record player? My teens are almost permanently plugged in – and I’m constantly on the hunt fore the right earbuds.
I started off buying the cheap ones – £10 a pair, they’d never tell the difference, right? Well, yes, they did… but also, they broke regularly and needed replacing.

Which is not convenient, cost-effective – or good for the environment either.
So we but the bullet and stepped up the price a little to gain a little more in terms of build quality (it’s the old adage isn’t it? Buy it cheap, buy it twice…).

And lo – a number of things became apparent. Firstly – spend a little more and you get a lot more in terms of build quality and also comfort factor. But you also happily get a MUCH better quality of sound. Who knew?!

Last Christmas we tried the 1More wireless earbuds for under £20. Not only did we love them then – they’re still in daily use, and working perfectly. Even better are the in-ear pink Bluetooth ones which have been used perpetually by the almost-teen, and haven’t ever gibbed once. both ears still working beautifully. It’s safe to say we are BIG 1More fans. So when they asked us to try out a couple of their higher-priced products, we were keen to see if they were worth the heftier price tag.

These are the £80 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds.

I have been wanting some true wireless for a while now – and here was my chance.

Honest first impression? Not initially bowled over. They’re made entirely of plastic, which gives them a cheaper heft in the hand.
But then I put them in my ear – and realised that actually that lack of weight is an absolute blessing. They fit perfectly, and they’re super-comfortable. There’s an array of ear fitting buds and O-Hooks (the circular rubberised loop on the back end of the bud) – be patient and try lots of variations until you find the perfect fit. Once you’ve got it right, you’ll be amazed not only at the comfort but also the noise-cancelling; it just takes a little time to get the combination of fit for your own ears.

actual me, running. Spot the black beans in my ears – I’m never out without them.

And while they may be small and bland-looking at first glance, that’s a plus point for me. I want them to work, not to make a statement in my ears. And the small black coffee bean is actually sleekly understated, and I’ve grown to love the way they look.

Best of all was when I went for a run. I have had endless issues with running earbuds – wired ones pull (on the wire, obvs), wireless ones never seem to fit well and either drop out (I personally think I have a wonky left ear canal, it’s only ever that ear that does it) or become uncomfortable in the ear canal after 30minutes of wear, mostly because they feel like they’re trying to expand my ear canal from the inside out.

But the 1More True Wireless Earbuds have an odd 45º angle which means they lay lat inside your ear, easing gently into the ear canal and the O-Hooks sit flatly on… whatever that flat area of your ear is called. It’s comfy, anyway – and they do. not. move.
Oh, and that plastic case I was not impressed with? Totall sweat proof.

And then I played some music… oh yes, that’s what we’re talking about! The dynamic drivers mean there’s a hefty bass, and spoken word is just as clear as the awful music I seem to like to gallop along the old railway track to.

The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds have around 5hrs solid use in them before you need to recharge by poppping back in the case (superfast charge; about 15minutes and you’re good for another few hours) – and you’ll get three charges out of the case before it needs a charge.

The connection isn’t totally infallible – it stutters occasionally, and I’ve found the 10m radius a bit optimistic. There’s more than enough range to walk around your room, but going downstairs to make a cup of tea is hit and miss.

1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds colours

But basically – if you want some wirless earbuds to listen to music while you’re busy getting on with life – these are perfect. The sound quality is ace, the technology inside them is as good as you’d expect in earbuds twice this price, and they reign supremem for me in terms of fit and comfort.
Oh, and being 1MORE, they also come not just in classic black, but a selection of delicious ice cream colours; I want the mint green ones!

SO. At at this price point, I think you’d be hard pushed to find something as good. If your teen is begging for some wireless buds, I’d put my money in these.

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds available on Amazon currently for £80

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