Dermalogica gifts – luxury for your skin this Christmas

It’s no secret I’m a Dermalogica fan girl. Listen, when you’ve struggled with adult acne in your 40s (I mean seriously Universe? You couldn’t give it to me in my teens when everyone else had it and I’d have just looked normal?), you never take your skin for granted ever again. Both through the years when I was suffering badly with adult acne, and now my skin is clear and smooth again, d’you know who’s never left my bathroom cabinet? Dermalogica.
So Dermalogica gifts always top my own Christmas list – they’re not the cheapest skincare around, so I frequently rely on kind loved ones topping up my bathroom cabinet for me for birthday or Christmas treats.

So I thought I’d share my personal pick of this year’s Dermalogica Gifts, just in case you are looking for that special present this Christmas for someone who takes their skincare regime pretty seriously (I guarantee they’ll either already be a fan of Dermalogica, or else they’ll always have wanted to try it); these are the perfect goodies to slip into your Christmas shopping basket.

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Phyto Replenish Body Oil | Dermalogica Gifts

dermalogica luxury for your skin
dermalogica luxury for your skin

New this year – I can personally promise it smells amazing, and works like a dream on dry skin without any of the greasiness you usually get with an oil.
“Replenish, calm and moisturize with this antioxidant-rich blend of skin-nourishing oils. French Plum Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil are rich in skin-replenishing Omega Fatty Acids such as Linoleic, Linolenic and Oleic Acid plus Vitamin E to help protect skin’s lipid barrier. Infused with calming Fermented Red Ginseng – inspired by Korean skin care rituals this body oil calms and nourishes to deliver glowing skin. Lightly infused with bright Bergamot, Neroli and Orange along with relaxing aromas of Patchouli and Sandalwood, it leaves skin soft and delicately scented.”

The wonderful replenish body oil is available for just over £47 for a 125ml bottle

Dermalogica Gifts | Body Hydrating Cream

hudrating cream dermalogica luxury for your skin
dermalogica gifts luxury for your skin

If the rich Replenish Oil isn’t your thing, then you may prefer the new hydrating cream instead – lighter and cooler, it’s silky smooth and again has a faintly divine scent you’ll love.
Hydrate, smooth and tone your skin. This nourishing cream features a worldly collection of essential oils to benefit all skin conditions. Aromatic Orange Oil and Chinese Green Tea soothe and soften skin. French Lavender and Indonesian Patchouli oils calm the senses while naturally-derived Lactic Acid and hydroxy acid extracts from Cane Sugar and Apple smooth skin and relieve dryness – all in a silky, medium-weight formula that absorbs easily for immediate, glowing hydration.

This one’s a definite must on my Christmas list – and at under £30 it should be on yours too. The Body hydrating cream is available on the Dermalogica website.

Conditioning body wash

conditioning body wash
dermalogica gifts luxury for your skin

This is another new product this year, and I’ve rather fallen for it. I’m used ot Dermalogica looking after my face, but now they’ve got my body covered too – literally. I have horrible dry skin, and find normal shower gels just strip it. But this little bottle of pump action glory – heavenly. It’s soap-free, so just leave sme skin feeling silky. The scent is more musky and herbal than I’d usually choose (I’m a citrus girl, not a sandalwood lover), but it’s growing on me fast.
“Cleanse, condition and invigorate with this richly-sensorial, skin-nourishing body wash. Inspired by the essential oils diffused in Turkish hammams, this silky, gently cleansing formula features aromatic oils of French Rosemary and Chinese Eucalyptus alongside fresh Tea Tree and Lemon oils to cleanse skin and awaken the senses. Pro-Vitamin B5 and tranquil Sandalwood, Lavender and Clary Sage smooth and condition for a truly transformative finish.”

The rich, skin conditioning botanical body cleanser is available from Dermalogica for £27

Thermafoliant body scrub

dermalogica gifts body scrub
dermalogica gifts luxury for your skin

It took me years rto learn that my body enjoys an exfoliating scrub just a smuch as my face does – and if you’re goingt o use a body scrub, why not treat yourself to one fo the best?
“Exfoliate, energize and brighten dull skin with this dual-action body exfoliant. Indian Bamboo Stem physically exfoliates to refine skin texture and brighten tone. Papain (from Papaya) and Lactic Acid dissolve dull, dead cells, promoting skin’s natural cell renewal process for brighter, more radiant skin. Natural Sea Salt – prized by ancient Egyptians for its skin-invigorating minerals – revitalizes and hydrates. A blend of replenishing bio-lipids helps to protect and strengthen skin barrier. Extracts of Licorice, White Tea, Coffeeberry and Chamomile infuse skin with vital antioxidants, while oils of Tea Tree and Grapefruit Peel purify and refresh.”

A very little bit goes a long way with this Thermafoliant body scrub and at just over £39, I say you should treat yourself.

Special Cleansing Gel

I know I’ve been bangin on about it for years – but if you get nothing else, beg and plead for a bottle of the magic Special Cleansing Gel.
That tall cylinder of Special Cleansing Gel in the picture? I will never ever be without one of these. Sadly no, it’s not the miracle acne cure I desired (I found that thanks to my dentist. True fact**.). But it is the only cleanser I found which gently kept my face really clean, reduced the redness, and doesn’t cause dryness. I promise – nothing beats it.
Trust me, I’ve tried them all.
“Refreshing lather thoroughly removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. This iconic cleanser, which contains naturally-foaming Quillaja Saponaria, gently rinses away toxins and debris to leave skin feeling smooth and clean.”
The Special Cleansing Gel is £33 and sold widely.

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