WIN your perfect nanu pillow (also – your pillow is likely to be gross)

I’ve written before about the icky gross stuff nestling inside our mattresses, thanks to the fact that we sleep on them for a third of our lifecycle, and never wash them. But have you ever thought about the pillow? No, me either. Until nanu got in touch and asked if I thought you’d like to know that most of us sleep on a pillow that is over five years old and 40 per cent of Brits have never washed their pillows.

To help the UK save itself, nanu is running a Pillow Amnesty. Simply go LIKE their facebook page and share your pictures and stories in the COMMENTS to have a chance at winning your perfect nanu pillow. 
All entrants will receive a “£5 off” voucher and a further 50 lucky entrants will win an entirely new pillow for free.

Everyone sleeps differently and using the wrong pillow can cause uncomfortable and broken sleep, plus neck pain and headaches

So who are nanu, and why their drive to save you from your pillow with the ‘Three Year Switch’? Well, I had to find out – so I tried one of their pillows for myself.
Nanu is the first personalised pillow, tailored specifically to your needs. Ever declared your height, weight and sleeping habits when buying a pillow before?

No, me either.
But nanu ask for it.
(also – who on earth sleeps flat on their back?? Weird.)

(yeah, I’m not showing you the answer on that one!)

Once you’re ordered, the free delivery takes about five days, and hey presto, one new pillow arrives, neatly packaged in orange tissue. A pillow made specifically to your own needs and requirements – which makes total sense. My elfin 12yr old needs a very different level of support to that of my heavy 6′ tall self; why spend ages shopping around trying to find the right pillow for you when you can just have one designed to you?

A pillow must be able to support the neck and back properly to avoid stiffness

Now I’ll admit it – I was dubious. I’m not a huge fan of synthetic pillows ordinarily, I like some bulk under my head. The nanu is not ‘bulky’ like a feather pillow – it’s light and airy. And yet, weirdly, when you lay your head on it… it doesn’t disappear. There’s a definite supportive pillow, right where you want it to be.

Nanu is launching a pillow amnesty which encourages people to exchange their old pillows for a new, personalised option. The amnesty is running via the nanu Facebook page, where you can post a photo of your old pillow on the competition post. 50 people will be selected at random to win a free pillow in exchange for their old pillow, and everyone who enters will receive a 10% off discount code

So here’s the thing. I don’t sleep properly on my pillow (if there is such a thing as ‘properly’). A few years ago, I popped out the front of my collar bone. No cure, it just needed time, but the bony knob sticking out the front of my neck made my entire shoulder ache when I lay down to sleep on my side (because no one in their right mind sleeps flat on their back or their front). But I discovered that if I moved my pillow to be vertical I could support my shoulder and collar bone as well as rest my head. Heaven. My collar bone’s long fixed, but I still prefer to hug my pillow and sleep on it ‘longways’. Drives Mr LittleStuff mad, to be fair.

Now, the fact that half my body rests on my pillow means I flatten them very fast, and often need to bunch it up under me to fall asleep. I accept this as the way things are. Yet so far the nanu has been super-comfy, supporting me fully with no need for readjusting or bunching. TOP marks from a pillow that costs half the price of my last one.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include stress reduction, memory improvement, lowered blood pressure, improved mood, making you smarter and keeping the heart healthy.

I’ll admit – I’ve bought cheap pillows in the past – and very quickly regretted it as I’ve piled three together to gain some kind of lumpy support. I’ve also bought a really fantastic (very expensive) pillow, which was heavenly to sleep on. But that comes with its own issues – when you’ve invested a not-inconsiderable sum, you want it to last. When you love it, you want it to last even longer. But of course that’s when you start heading into the icky realms of what’s-in-your-pillow-after-3-years-of-sleeping-on-it.

Nanu costs £35 and includes free delivery, free returns, a two-year guarantee and a 30-night free trial.
And as a side bonus, they are filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles: every nanu stops 20 plastic bottles going to landfill, meaning it is an environmentally friendly option too.
Head over and join in the pillow amnesty – then go over to the nanu site and get yourself a new pillow which is personalised for you.

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