The best self-motivation tips for sticking to a diet

Dieting is something that has been popular around the UK for many years now as a method for helping people lose weight. It is still as popular as ever, but some people can struggle with having enough self-motivation to make it work. It is thought that 26 million people began dieting as 2020 dawned, for example, but that around 90% will have ditched their diet after 10 days! This stat sums up what a major issue having the right self-motivation to finish any diet is for many UK residents. If you have gone from one diet to another without ever managing to follow any all the way through, you will know this feeling all too well.

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The good news is that there are great tips around dieting self-motivation that can help. If you follow the ones we look at below, you should find it much easier to not only start a new plan but also stay with it.

Keep your end goal in mind

There are many reasons why people may want to go onto a diet. You may be getting married, for example, and want to lose a few pounds to fit into your dream wedding dress. In cases like this, people may choose to follow a wedding dress diet to help. Or you could simply want to lose weight for an upcoming holiday or big birthday bash. Whatever has inspired you to diet, keep it in mind as you go. This is a great self-motivation tip as it will provide the mental strength to carry on if times get tough or you are tempted to stray. The thought of losing the weight you want to hit the goal you have set will make it easier to say no to naughty treats!

Make sure you set realistic expectations first

Much of what makes people successful in being motivated to stick to any diet is in the mind. A good tip to help your self-motivation is setting realistic expectations before you begin. Doing this will help you not to expect too much as you progress slowly. The problem with setting your sights on unachievable aims is that you will fail. This could then make you feel like the diet is not working and give up on it. It is much better to motivate yourself with more achievable aims around weight loss to avoid this – when you then lose a couple of pounds in a week, it will feel like a win and encourage you to keep going.

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Focus on actions as well as goals

When you are moving through your diet, you may feel a loss of motivation if your end goal seems far away still. To help get around this, try focusing on actions and processes as you go. This is basically the day-to-day ways that you will lose the weight and achieve your end goal. It could be deciding on a weekly exercise plan to follow, for example, and setting up cool on-demand fitness subscriptions to help. Or it could be looking at what meals you will eat during the week and planning how you will prepare them. By paying attention to these daily actions, which you can achieve easily, you will keep your self-motivation high as you head towards your final goal.

Make sure to celebrate your successes

One really good self-motivation tip for dieters is to celebrate any successes you have. While hitting your final goal is naturally the major one to let people know about, it is also fine to celebrate smaller victories along the way. Whether you post on social media, tell friends on a smartphone group chat or comment to family, you should make the most of losing weight or sticking to your plan. By doing this, you will increase your sense of self-worth and also generate extra positivity around being on the diet itself. All this combined is perfect for giving you the motivation to keep going.

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Making it work comes from inside

There is no doubt that getting support from other people can really help massively when it comes to dieting success. It is also clear that you will only be successful if you can motivate yourself enough. To hit your final weight loss goal, you must be committed to doing it and able to find that resolve inside to make it work. Of course, this is not always easy, which is where our handy hints above come in. If you take them on board and also get the right support to guide you along the way, you will be unstoppable.

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