Retro Board Games – Beano Monopoly, anyone?

We’re big fames of family games night (we’ve talked recently about our top favourite family card games), and for some reason our teens love a Retro Board Games night more than any other. We’ve got lots of new ones, but the old faighfuls come out time and again… Monopoly, Cluedo, Sorry… notn of them gather dust (which is frankly a miracle in this house).

So when Beano asked last year if we wanted to try out the Beano Cluedo, we immediately said we’d give it a go. The teens were initially a bit reluctant (why when we have a perfectly good Cluedo board already?), but they were coerced into playing Beano Cluedo with the grandparents… and quickly descended into their usual hilarious shouty competitiveness.
So when they saw the Beano Monopoly show up, they were up for it straightaway!

If you’re struggling to find a present for one of those tricky-to-buy for types, why not try Retro Board Games? Because it’s the goft that keeps oin giving – not opnlyu all the fun and nostalgia, but also a regualr dose of family time. Nothing beats sitting round the table taking thigs way too seriously and crowing in triumph when you win!

Beano Cluedo – the current family favourite
“…Someone has pranked Teacher, and it’s each players mission to investigate and untangle the prankster mystery to find out who it was, which prank was used, and where in the Bash Street School the atrocity unfolded. Play as Dennis, Minnie, Toots, Roger, Billy Whizz or Angel Face and go from room to room to find out WHODUNNIT? Was it Roger in the Gym Hall with the invisible ink or Angel Face in the Confiscatorium with the catapult?”

Retro Board Games

Beano Monopoly – Probably the aultimate in Retro Board Games.

“Bash Street School has a new headteacher and the word on the playground is that he thinks he’s in charge. Naturally, that’s bad news for Beanotown kids like Dennis, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and The Bash Street Kids, but they’re ready to fight for their right to party (and blame their dog for eating their homework).

Select one of the bespoke Beano playing tokens; scooter, rollerskate, bike, go-kart, trainer or skateboard, and race around the board. Wheel and deal with bespoke Beano Monopoly money and Bash Street School classrooms (or properties as they’re known in classic Monopoly), and take control of the school, in the funniest Monopoly ever!”

Guess Who. This was my tip top FAVOURITE game to play when I was 9. I got so good, my older siblings simply refused to play with me any more. Which means I need this, to conquer once more against my own children…
“Guess Who? is an absolute classic character guessing game, given our array of brilliant Beano characters, we just had to make a Beano version!

Get ready for the ultimate guessing game with all your favourite Beano characters. There are 48 characters to choose from, so the aim is to narrow the possibilities down with the right yes or no questions and find out who your opponent has chosen.”

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