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Who did it? Who did the dirty dastardly deed? And in which room was the crime committed, and what item was used to commit the terrible crime?

These are all very familiar questions in that very famous board game we know and love as Cluedo!

Since 1949 ameteur sleuths have been battling it out over these very same questions, to try and determine the identity of the (player) murderer!

It’s a classic detective game, perfect for those people who love a mystery and love to solve them. It’s different every time its played as is the murderer, the room and of course the weapon used. Work out the clues through game play to see if you can be the first class detective and win by finding, one of your opposing players, ‘who done it’!

This fabulous family board game has been reinvented many times over the generations, but has always remained a firm favourite. There have been many versions over the years and now the lovely people at Beano have come up with their very own eddition of this classic game, in their own naughty style, naturally!


Someone has pranked Teacher, and it’s each players mission to investigate and untangle the prankster mystery to find out who it was, which prank was used, and where in the Bash Street School the atrocity unfolded.

Play as Dennis, Minnie, Toots, Roger, Billy Whizz or Angel Face and go from room to room to find out WHODUNNIT? Was it Roger in the Gym Hall with the invisible ink or Angel Face in the Confiscatorium with the catapult?

Be one of the first to race around the Bash Street School board and pin down the mischievous prankster, making them known to all. Go get ’em…

New Beano Cluedo is now in stock excusively at the Beano Shop a perfect gift this Christmas or just a fabulous fun game for all the family to play and a snip at just £29.99

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