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It’s the Beano Cluedo game – and we’re loving it. Who did it? Who did the dirty dastardly deed? And in which room was the crime committed, and what item was used to commit the terrible crime?

These are all very familiar questions if you’ve ever played Cluedo! Since 1949 ameteur sleuths have been battling it out over these very same questions, to try and determine the identity of the (player) murderer!

I’ll be honest – I was met with eyerolls and heavy sighs when I suggested a Sunday board game to the teens, and only love of their grandparents allowed them to be persuaded (watch the video below, see the face on the teen at the end of the table as play begins ?!) But even in a brand new Beano form, Cluedo worked its traditional magic; before long they were deeply involved in strategy, vying with one another and mercilessly ribbing their grandparents.

The Beano version is a new take on the old Cluedo game – same principle, different characters and new weapons of choice; the lead piping, rope etc. have been replaced by suitably Bash Street alternatives – catapult, stink bomb and invisible ink. (there was no invisible ink in our set. We presumed this is a joke on the part of the manufacturers, and all the players dutifully moved the ‘invisible’ bottle around the board!).

Despite their lack of interest, the board game magic worked as always, and within a minute of Jolly winning the game the board was set up for round two, with the victor determined to prove his superior intellect, and everyone else determined to dislodge his crown. It was a brilliant way to spend an afternoon together, and I guarantee this one will be played all over Christmas.

“…Play as Dennis, Minnie, Toots, Roger, Billy Whizz or Angel Face and go from room to room to find out WHODUNNIT? Was it Roger in the Gym Hall with the invisible ink or Angel Face in the Confiscatorium with the catapult?

Be one of the first to race around the Bash Street School board and pin down the mischievous prankster, making them known to all. Go get ’em…

New Beano Cluedo is now in stock excusively at the Beano Shop a perfect gift this Christmas or just a fabulous fun game for all the family to play and a snip at just £29.99

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