Paypal On the Go – yes, you can!

Waaay way back many years ago, there was this new thingy for online shopping called Paypal. Amongst my techy-friends it was treated with extreme caution. Trust an unknown third party with all your financial details and all your transactions? Really? *collective shuddering*

But Paypal did actually get it right – and 10 years later, we’re no longer frightened of it. Even The Guardian thinks it’s safe to use. In fact, I personally think it’s a really smart way to send money online to family and friends, and whilst it doesn’t provide the security you get from making a credit card purchase (from the Consumer Credit Act), it often feels much safer than putting your card details into an unknown web site.

Yesterday I was reading that UK Mums spend 35% more time online than the rest of the general UK population – and their smart phone is the ‘hub’ around which they stay online (nearly three-quarters of mums own one). My first thought (not being a massive smartphone addict, only using mine for Facebook, Twitter, mails and, you know, phone calls…) was “yes, but not for shopping – that’s not secure on a phone, is it?”

Well. I know nothing.

So – hands up who knows how to set up Paypal for their smartphone, huh? No, me either. But it looks dead easy – and opens up a whole new world of shopping hours… *rubs hands in glee and heads to favourite what-shall-I-buy-today page*


Author: Laura

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