LOOK at this soft-as-a-puppy bargain linen shirt. It’s £16!

I’ve been hunting through the new F&F summer range on my weekly Tesco trip – and this week I’ve found a perfect trio which makes my heart happy.

This is a paid collaboration with Tesco, who have compensated me for sharing with you the new range. All product choices, opinions, reviews and photography are my own. Contains affiliate links – which frankly just help my coffee habit.

I’ve been loving F&F’s new summer dresses – who doesn’t want a loose and swishy dress when the temperature soars? But they’re not always practical. Sometimes a girl needs some shorts.

I’m not sure I can adequately tell you how delicious this shirt is.

This. I bloody love this.

I’ve been wearing cut off jean shorts since I was a teen in the 80s, when frankly we ALL wanted to be Baby dancing in them on a bridge…

Yeah, I never did look that good dancing in them. But I fell in love with them anyway.
These F&F ones are ace – I couldn’t get the bargain basement £12.50 Tesco versions, which were a darker blue & slightly shorter; my store only had them up to a size 14. I’ve been too curvaceous for a 14 for a few years now.

But these ones cost me the princely sum of £14 (I know, shocker), and they’re pretty perfect as jeans go. A decent bum lift, even on a maximus the size of mine, and a high-enough boyfriend waist on my 5’11” frame (no mean feat). Of course you can roll them shorter – I’ve actually turned them up once more, so if you’re hunting for a longer-length short these are probably right for you.

I paired them with the palest pink linen shirt (£16). And I’m not sure I can adequately tell you how delicious this shirt is. It’s as soft as a puppy’s ears, it slips and flows like only the best linen can, and feels cool even on the hottest day.

And finally, can we just mention those sunglasses? Every summer I search and I search for some bii-i-ig fat frames which don’t make me look stupid. And I always revert back to my vintage rectangle-styles favourites. But joy of joys, I found the perfect ones this year – in Tesco of all places. For £15!

Glamourously gorgeous, right? Well that’s how I feel when I’m wearing them, anyway. Even here, in a heatwave at 7am, with zero make up, nursing my morning coffee.

So, there’s my perfect trio – the shorts, the shirt and the glasses. Together, we’re ready for anything.

The range is only available in store, so do have a browse whilst you’re picking up your own ketchup…

To find your nearest stockist of the F&F spring/summer 2020 range, check Tesco here 
Products are not available online, but in selected Superstores and Extras, and are subject to availability.

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