I only popped in for ketchup… F&F summer dress for £25

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my fandom of supermarket clothes shopping, am I? A decent seasonal range at an excellent price point, and you can throw it in your trolley with your weekly shop. What’s not to love?
I mean, I wouldn’t head to Tesco to shop for a special occasion outfit, but to pick up some necessary everyday wear? Absolutely.

This is a paid collaboration with Tesco, who have compensated me for sharing with you the new range. All product choices, opinions, reviews and photography are my own. Contains affiliate links – which frankly just help my coffee habit.

And the new season of F&F summer dresses? I’m REALLY liking them. Cool and summery (*optimistically eyes the rain out of the window*), and with Dresses from £19.50 there’s something for everyone.

The whole ‘I just popped in for ketchup’ feel s little bit sad – when was the last time you ‘popped in’ to a supermarket for just one item? No, me either. But the fact that you can pick these up in just one shop is all to the good right now.
(and I’ll be honest – as a family of six with three of them teens, my ketchup buying is more of a bulk order in the biggest sizes available)…

See Tesco? I can play you at your oh-so-serious modelling game. And I’m proud to say that not one drop of that ketchup dripped onto the white dress either!

I’m modelling the White Schiffli Tiered Dress – £25 – and I love it.

Frankly I thought I’d never actually wear it, because, y’know… all those holes! But naturally it’s fully lined with a simple fine-fabric shift. So it’s cool on a hot day without scaring anyone with it’s see-through-ness.

It’s a little short on me (I’m almost 6′, so not your average height!) – not indecent, but above my usual comfort zone. However, the teens didn’t look aghast at the strip of leg I was showing, so all’s obviously good.
I’m betwixt sizes, having lost weight during lockdown, and I was limited by what was on the rack in store, so I wasn’t confident it would fit when I got home. But this is an 18 and it fits me perfectly. The liner shift is slightly snug (and has no stretch), but the dress itself is a very loose fit. If the liner shift is a little too snug for a curvy frame, I’d simply replace it with a full length slip; it’s only joined by the two straps at the shoulders, a simple snip and you’ll have two separate articles.

You can see the holes appear larger when on the body – but it’s such a pretty dress, you can’t help but love it. Perfect equally as a beach cover up or for an evening chatting over some chilled rosé at a garden barbecue.

tesco summer dresses

This is a few more from the new range (you an see them here)- I had my eye on that floral midi dress, but my Tesco Extra didn’t have it in stock when I visited.
The range is only available in store, so do have a browse whilst you’re picking up your own ketchup…

To find your nearest stockist of the F&F spring/summer 2020 range, check Tesco here 
Products are not available online, but in selected Superstores and Extras, and are subject to availability.

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