Gorgeously Practical Maternity Coat from Vertbaudet

REDUCED! Down from £99 to £74!

When I first found I was pregnant with baby #2 and my regular clothes started to nip in places they hadn’t before, my first stop was to search out my “pregnant” clothes from last time round. I despaired! Have styles and fashions (and my tastes!) REALLY changed that much in just 3 short years?! Er, yes. They have. So, it was back to the drawing board for my 9 month stretch in maternity wear. This is where the lovely Laura steps in and asks if I could possibly review some maternity wear from Vertbaudet. YAY! Lifesaver! (My bank manager also applauds you my dear!)

So, what did I get to review? Some bootcut jeans, a long-line cardi and a winter coat. Now, I’ve had them for some time, and they formed my core wardrobe for the duration of my pregnancy, so my thoughts are based on washing and wearing repeatedly, not just occasional wear.

When I opened my parcel, I was like a child on Christmas morning. Seriously, I’m sure if you had been a fly on the wall you would have laughed at my squeaks of glee at the selection I received from my wishlist. I was particularly pleased to have been blessed with the addition of the wool-cloth coat to keep me and the bump warm in the colder months. I can confirm now – it did its job well! I am a fuss-pot when it comes to coats. I admit it. I am desperately hard to please in that department (same as with jeans, but we’ll get to that later!) so when I say the coat was great, it really must have been. At first viewing, I thought it might be a bit lightweight should the weather be VERY cold, but despite the lack of weight, it was cosy and comfortable. A roomy fit around the bump, with plenty of room for expansion (even at the very end) but nicely fitted at the top to give some definition to the shape of the wearer – none of this waddling around looking like a blob thank you very much! The style and cut impressed me further by having “moveable arms”. Yes, I KNOW that seems like a small ask, but am I the only one who has a pet hate for these stylish but non-functional coats and jackets that you have to take off before getting in the car to drive? Grrrrr! Vertbaudet have it all worked out though – I happily drove around wearing the coat with no restrictions on my movement. Well done designers! So, for all the good things I have to say, I will add a small negative – it has no hood. I may not actually use a hood that often, but I do like a nice winter coat to have the option to keep my head dry should I need it. Take this coat and add a hood and I would be a VERY happy lady indeed.

Maternity Wool Coat now reduced from £99.99 down to £74.25 (that’s 25% off!). Bargain.

Author: Laura

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