ELC Castle of Courage Instructions to download

Lost your ELC Castle of Courage Instructions? Fear not; though it looks like a fiendishly tricky pile of wooden bits right now, we’ve got you covered.

We featured the ELC castle review years ago – and it was fabulous.
Author Keris Stainton reviewed it for us and said

There are a LOT of pieces, but fortunately the instructions are clear and concise and once I had all the pieces laid out in order – and David had taken Joe away so the pieces wouldn’t all get flung around the room – it was relatively easy to build. It was fun seeing the castle coming together and it looked extremely impressive once built.

Harry particularly loved the working drawbridge and played for ages with the Knights, mainly flinging them off the battlements. Joe loved climbing in and out of the castle and waving the flags.

Keris Stainton

BUT. We have since had a steady stream of people seeking the instructions! Clearly we’re not the only ones who are incapable of keeping the ELC Castle instructions safe, so we got in touch with ELC and had them whizz us a copy for you.

The elc castle of courage

So for all those who have dug out the pile of wooden pieces, but have searched in vain for the creased and tattered instruction sheet on just how to fit the jigsaw of walls, struts, floors and crenellations together…here are the ELC Castle of Courage Instructions –

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) Wooden Castle of Courage Instructions for you to download and keep! Just click on the image below, and save them where you wish.

download the elc castle of courage instructions

(if you’re in the market for a new wooden toy castle, then ELC still do a version of the castle of courage here, and the amazing Mulbery Bush have a fabulously sturdy Le Toy Van wooden castle for £75 here)

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  1. Hi, I am looking to find figures such as
    Royal Family, guards etc for the ELC Castle of Courage. Can you help me out?

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