Casha Poncho – Maternity Clothing Product Review

I had well and truly outgrown my coat by about six and a half months and so the arrival of this poncho was well timed. Hark! What’s this? Why, it’s something that fits over my enormous bump!

Quality-wise it is lovely, really soft, a beautiful shade of grey, and well constructed. It is really very sophisticated and smart. Completely fine for turning up to work meetings.

I have it hung up on my coat rack and sling it on as my final layer when popping out. If you have long sleeves on, then combined with a scarf it can be all you need on a spring day.  I think it does a pretty good job of keeping me warm without that that tent look that could be associated with ponchos.

However, where it has really come into its own is as an emergency layer. It folds down really small and is so easily slung in my handbag, so is great for this unpredictable British weather.  Rather than wondering whether or not to take a bulky cardigan out or not I can now just grab the poncho… perfect!

Downsides?  It can get in the way a bit during leaning over tasks like strapping the boy in his car seat, or helping him with his coat. And, once, I did get it caught on the door handle as I walked past and it nearly took my head off, but this could be put down to bad garment management, and it didn’t snag!  Also, not quite warm enough on those colder spring days, so not a substitute for a winter coat, but hey, I think I’d be pushing it to expect it to keep out a howling gale!

Overall I am pleased as poncho (sorry) with this and unlike many maternity clothes it will also be a great asset to my non-maternity wardrobe.

Review by Alice


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