The Maileg Mice 2020. You didn’t think we’d forget, did you?

It’s the much-anticipated Maileg Mice 2020 pick! I think regular readers all know just how much we love the Maileg mice. Christmas really wouldn’t be the same without a new one coming to join the party (who all live in a large Thornton’s hamper box. Which feels remarkably fitting). And there’s never been a Gift Guide without the newest Maileg Mouse to brighten it’s pages.
This year? We’ve picked three.

best maileg mouse 2020

First up – no one can resist a Princess Mouse. And this one is as special as they come. Just beautiful with that cloud of pink skirt and that oh-so-fabulous crown. Unmissable.

An because it’s 2020, I’ve plumped for the Maileg Nurse Mouse. Cute and incredibly fitting in the year of the NHS heroes. Perfect for all the dress up games the Mice partake in, and how much more special will the Mice Tea Parties be with a nurse sitting at the matchbox table?

maileg mouse nurse toy 2020

If you’re new to the Maileg mice – be warned. They’re utterly charming, and before you know it you’ll own three. Or five. Or more. *cough*. I’ve grown to love them all dearly, and they are made of such good quality that once they are tucked away for good they will absolutely be seen again in 30 years time when my daughter brings them all out for her own children to play with.

Maileg Mice 2020 hiker mouse

My other Maileg Mice 2020 pick is the Maileg Hiker Mouse. oh how I love ths boy! There’s a girl version too, but it’s already sold out everywhere (you do need to be quick to nab specific mice!). He is more pricey at £30, and he has no box. But look at this guy!

We’ve used Scandiborn for our Maileg MIce needs, but do shop around – they are stocked widely by a network of small independent retailers. you won’t find them on Amazon or John Lewis, so you get double the joy in knowing you’re supporting a small indie too!

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