Zumba 2 on the Wii review. *gasp* *wipes sweat*

I’ve never done a Zumba class.

There, I said it.

Always wanted to… always been a it afeared to take my sweaty puffing hulk into a room full of lithe bobbing lovelies.

I did borrow a friends original Zumba game, but found the steps hard to learn – the sensor was very forgiving, and as long as I was moving it said I was doing fine, but I wanted something that would actually teach me the Merengue, y’know (Yes, yes, I hear you all you Dirty Dancing-ites; “she can’t even do the Merengue…”)?

But then along came Zumba Fitness 2 to my doorstep.

I looked at it for a week, half-excited, half-fearful.

Then one morning, post-school run, I closed the sitting room curtains and slid the disc in the wii.



I chose to ‘learn the steps’ first (yes, yes, I went for Merengue!), and the tutorial was excellent, even for a total beginner like me.

Next day, as I had the steps mastered I moved on to a short class.

Cripes again.




Not pretty.

But hells bells it’s FUN!

Oh, how much I LOVE it!

I haven’t moved above the short classes yet – they’re quite enough for my wobble-arse to be going on with.

But as a fitness tool there’s loads more progression sitting waiting for me, and I can’t wait to move on; there’s mid-classes before I reach the dizzy heights of a long class (*whimpers*).

The belt that comes with the disc works really well (you tuck the control into the pocket and away you go) and unlike the old version you really do need to do the steps, not just wiggle! For the competitive ones amongst us it also tracks your weight, your calories burned, and gives you a score.

The only thing I’d like is a clock, to be able to see how much more class I have left to struggle through enjoy.

Zumba Fitness 2 for the Wii can be nabbed from Amazon

Author: Laura

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