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In our house, just like Christmas, Easter isn’t only for the kids. Sure we love watching them get competitive on the annual garden egg hunt – we hide them, and watch the children hunt them out – Mr LittleStuff has become increasingly devious with his hiding places over the years. Because we have four children they’re given a colour each to find, to make sure the quicker-eyed don’t end up with a large bucket full and the youngest with just a pitiful couple rattling around.
Mind you, the year the husband gave the red/green colourblind No.1 son the red eggs to find in amongst the plants was mean and hilarious in equal measure…
“I think you’re cheating, there are no eggs here”
“There’s one right in front of you!”
*raging 6yr old*
“No there ISN’T!”
“yes, right there in front of your feet!”

I recall that as the first time we really understood the depths of his colourblindness. And he never did see the funny side – but we haven’t inflicted red or green eggs on him since, we’re not that mean. Anyhoo, I digress…

Much as the kids enjoy their annual choc-fest, it’s definitely not a kids-only thing. We treat ourselves to a little something to share too, and we like to treat the grandparents as well.

But it can be a real chore finding an egg that’s actually for grown ups. Yes of course we can hand over the typical everyday confectionary-branded egg… but if you’re gifting someone over the age of 21 you want something a bit more special, something luxurious and that actually feels like a treat, don’t you? Something that actually feels like a gift.
I have a few favourite places to head to first for my grown up choices, and this year I struck gold first time at Hotel Chocolat.


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the ‘Your Eggsellency’?

First and foremost, the most perfect thing about this egg is the egg itself – it’s actually a pair of half-shells, cast in the fabulous Hotel Chocolat signature chocolates – one 50% milk and the other 70% dark. A total dream for those of us who love dark, but happen to be married to one who prefers milk.

And it’s not a skinny-thin wisp of a shell, either. Oh no. Hotel Chocolat are renowned for their Extra Thick Eggs in their Easter range – just look at that luxuriously thick premium chocolate shell. I’ll probably need a rolling pin to break it up (Mr LittleStuff is prone to just attacking his half with his teeth…).

And then of course there are the 12 truffles you reveal inside – filled with the finest liquor recipes, made with premium spirits, port and Champagne.

From left to right, that’s…
* Whisky – A shot of 12-year-old single malt mellowed in a soft truffle
* Champagne Cocktail – Champagne stirred with bitter orange liqueur, twist of cocoa
* Passion Fruit Margarita – It makes you happy: passion fruit, agave tequila, lime
* Ruby Port – A perfect match: Hotel Chocolat’s own ruby port in 70% dark
*Gin – A lively, floral gin, with plenty of juniper, sealed in dark (my own personal fave, I’m not sharing this one)
*Rum – A generous measure of rum in caramel cream, sealed in 40% milk

And on top of all that, there’s the fabulous gift box too. Not a garish primary colour or cartoon figure in sight – just that super elegant hatbox.

Thank you Hotel Chocolat. This’ll do nicely.

The fabulous Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg is available direct from Hotel Chocolat for £27.



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