Woah! The ATK – All Terrain Kart!

Back when I was a kid my brother and I always had a go-kart project on the go. We were always thinking up, working on and scouring for materials to built the ultimate go-kart. Sometimes we did actually achieve working models but they did fall apart too soon.

Kids today are so very lucky because all they need to satisfy their go-karting dreams is the ATK – All Terrain Kart. Oh wow. I would’ve given every last coin in my piggy bank for one of these when I was ten.

All Terrain Kart Go-Kart

Just look at it – those pneumatic wheels, they all match! Those bad boys will roll on pavement, dirt track and grass, no bother. The old-school go-kart rope handle is just perfect and what truly makes a go-kart a go-kart, yes? It also has a hand brake and can be customised with a set of ATK stickers. Here, this video shows you best what it is and what it can do…

I think the ATK is an amazing bit of kit for kids of today. There is nothing I like more than seeing my children play outside, getting lungfuls of fresh air, running around, laughing and just being happy, healthy kids. With an ATK you just know they will find the nearest grassy slope and have amazing fun.

The ATK is designed for kids 7-12 years old and has been fully tested to CE standards. It has been designed, engineered and built in Great Britain too, I like that.

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