Witness for the Prosecution Review 2020 cast

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about Witness for the Prosecution. It’s a courtroom drama written in 1925.
Can it possibly still be taut with tension?

Oh my goodness yes.

Witness for the Prosecution Review 2020 cast

We headed to London’s South Bank for our Witness for the Prosecution Review 2020 cast a couple of weeks ago, on one of our regular treats of a child-free night away to do something new.

And frankly, we were utterly mesmerised from the minute the lights dimmed.
Not set in a theatre, this courtroom drama is set… in a courtroom. The setting becomes part of the performance; from the second you step inside the courthouse, you are within the play.

Classed as ‘off-West-End’, the production is in the old County Hall on the South Bank – just around the corner from the London Eye, and a mere 15 minute walk from Leicester Square

(oh, and don’t just take my word for this – I love that TripAdvisor has an ace reviews section for theatre productions now. You can see how over 500 other people think a Witness for the Prosecution review is worth 5*)

Witness for the Prosecution Review 2020 cast

The new 2020 cast are great (I have to give special mention to Jo Stone-Fewings, who for me totally owned the stage as Leonard’s QC, and also Taz Skylar as Leonard himself – both were outstanding), and the immersive setting makes you forget you are anywhere other than inside a courtroom, watching a man fight for his life.

When everyone applauded at the end of Act One, I was genuinely startled – I’d completely forgotten I was watching a play with hundreds of others.

“…Agatha Christie’s compelling stage play follows Leonard Vole, who has been accused of killing a widow to inherit her fortune. Only time will tell whether Leonard can convince the jury – and you, the audience – that he is an innocent man. Following a shocking witness testimony, it seems Leonard won’t be running away from the hangman’s noose so easily.
You’ve been summoned for jury duty…

Witness for the Prosecution Review 2020 cast

The atmospheric, immersive setting brings vivid colour and real drama into an old classic. The ‘stage’ is an incredibly narrow space in which to work; our seats were alongside the judge, on the opposite side to the jury, and when the play began I was concerned that we were going to be behind the actors for the whole play. But my fears were groundless – the actors effectively work in the round – with the audience on all four sides of them they rotate around the stage to ensure no one is left behind, and it works beautifully.
The embedded surround sound in the seats, the cleverly choreographed set moves & the lighting all work together to create a slick pace which never drops the tension.

We loved it as a kid-free night out, but actually I know my teens would love to see it too, and I’m tempted to re-book to take them.

Seats start at just £14 – and there are no bad seats, the view will be great wherever you are. Do note though that the galleries are VERY high; if that concerns you, choose lower seating in the courtroom stalls. Plus you’ll never have had so much leg room or more comfortable seats to watch a play in the West End!), there’s no reason not to visit the South Bank and see it. Booking is open until the end of September – get yourself into court for an evening you won’t forget in a hurry.
You can book (affiliate link) Witness for the Prosecution tickets here.

(and if you’re looking for an overnight Hotel Near Witness for the Prosecution, we used the Premier Inn which is right next door! Great prices for the West End, and as reliable as a Premier Inn always is)

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