Win your family travel to France this year, courtesy of Brittany Ferries #WinATrip

kids free on brittany ferries 2015

We’re huge fans of Brittany Ferries – we’ve used them every year for the last few years, and never once have we been anything other than thrilled and excited; the ferry is never just the way of getting out of England, but rather it’s always part of the adventure.

And we always choose the ferry over and above flying to get to where we’re going – with six of us, it’s just plain easier. We even wrote about our love of Brittany Ferries when we came home from the 4,000 mile Grand Italy Road Trip last October.

Travelling to France with Brittany Ferries is so easy, especially for families. Unlike air travel, you can take your own car, pack everything you need (and more!) and check in just 45 minutes before departure. Plus the choice of routes from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth take you far closer to where you want to be, saving you miles of driving – not to mention time, fuel, tolls and overnight stops.


And even if you book by 17th March, you can take advantage of their special family ferry offer: Travel on a day sailing to France this summer and they’ll give you lots of free extras – saving you up to £162!

  • Kids travel free*
  • Free inside 4 berth day cabin
  • Free cot on board

So when Brittany Ferries offered the journey across the channel as a prize in our #WinATrip campaign, we were so delighted. Adding the travel is always a large chunk of the holiday budget – having your ferry crossing provided is a brilliant way to open up a whole new range of holiday options.

kids go free on brittany ferries

For us, taking the car plus the six of us to France on the Poole/Cherbourg crossing costs us around £250 each way if we choose a mid-week sailing, and another £60 for the all-essential cabin (absolutely worth every single one of the £31 each way). If I was travelling during the summer holidays, this prize would be worth a staggering £560 to me – that’s a massive amount of my holiday budget back in my pocket (even we couldn’t eat that much ice cream!).

The prize is for return sailings for car, parents, kids and infants, plus free day cabins and free cot for any Channel day sailing for travel until 30 September subject to availability (and excluding certain peak sailings – do check the Travel Exclusions underneath the competition entry widget for exact details, but basically it’s all sailings to France (yes, right through the school holidays) except for a very few restricted peak timings/dates).

So – how to win your ferry into France for the whole family plus the car this summer? Step right this way –  just use as many options as you like in the box below. Simples.

The closing date for this competition is 18th March 2015 and only entries received on or before that date can be included. The winner will be the first randomly selected entry.  Good luck!
(and when you’re done, don’t forget to check you’ve entered the rest of our #WinATrip competitions too!)
Brittany Ferries – WinATrip 4

Travel exclusions apply:

Exclusions UK/France

  • From UK: 2 May and 25 July morning sailings from Poole to Cherbourg and Portsmouth to Le Havre.
  • From France: 30 May all afternoon sailings on all routes;
  • 9-11 July afternoon sailings from Caen to Portsmouth and Cherbourg to Poole;
  • August all Saturday afternoon sailings from Caen to Portsmouth and Cherbourg to Poole;
  • 30-31 August afternoon sailings from Roscoff to Plymouth.

Exclusions UK/Spain

  • All sailings


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  1. I would choose Portsmouth to Caen

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  2. I love France and would choose a ferry crossing as its a mini adventure with the kids, we could even dress up as pirates ooh arrr

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  3. Portsmouth to caen

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  4. I would love this as my two grandchildren are now of an age that we could take them on holiday.This would be an adventure for them xx

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  5. I would go to France, camping so much fun.

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  6. Holidaying in France brings back memories of my own childhood

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  7. I would love to go to the South of France

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  8. We would love to go to France

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  9. Portsmouth to caen

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  10. We would love to go to France :)

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  11. France would be lovely

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  12. Portsmouth to caen

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  13. I would go to France. I was there when I was 12 last time!

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  14. I would choose Portsmouth to St. Malo

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  15. I’d choose Portsmouth to Cherbourg

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  16. Portsmouth to St Malo

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  17. I would go and visit my friend

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  18. Any of the routes would be good for me, I would like to try the Portsmouth to Le Havre first, thanks

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  19. Love to go to the South of France

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  20. I would choose Roscoff to Cork

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  21. Portsmouth to Santander, then to work our way back and from Cherbourg to Poole. You would get to visit the raw Spanish north, then explore the delights of the French Atlantic coast!

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    • Portsmouth to Bilbao. My nearest route to Spain and the northern region is so different to the rest, it would be very exciting.

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