Win a winter’s worth of logs worth £220 with Certainly Wood!

So – have you lit yours yet? I’ll admit it – we gave in to the temptation last weekend, and lit our woodburner for the first time since last winter. Naturally it wasn’t really cold enough outside, and within an hour we were opening all the windows and stripping off jumpers and socks in an effort to cool down again!
But even so… nothing bits that crackling warmth, does it?

But of course, that means the sad remnants at the bottom of the log store are starting to look a bit too lonely now we’re facing the change to cold weather at last – time to have it comfortingly filled to the top again.

Right now, in every real-fire house across the land, the same thinkings are being thought; ‘it’s time for some log shopping’.

But if you have a woodburner, you need to get the right fuel – buying a job lot of logs from that small ad in your local paper often means you end up with a stack of damp stuff that you need to find room to season for a couple of years before it’s of any use to you. And how about where it came from? Are you a fan of deforestation or unnecessary delivery miles? According to figures issued by the Department of Energy and Climate Change up to 60% of the firewood due to be burnt this coming winter will have travelled well over 2000 kilometres to get here (the main exporter is Latvia though Russia, Poland and Bulgaria are attempting to develop markets in the UK too). You probably don’t even know; many national and even ‘local’ log suppliers are a little woolly about exactly where their logs comes from.

Personally, we did exactly what we did last year and headed to Certainly Wood – and they not only sorted us out, but they also rather kindly suggested that

one of our readers might actually like to receive one of their magnificent 1.6m3 sacks of kiln dried logs for free.


In case you don’t know them (and you should) Certainly Wood are a Herefordshire-based family business who sell sustainable British firewood; buy with an easy conscience, because their wood is entirely sourced from sustainable British hardwood.

You can choose between kiln dried or seasoned logs (we like our logs stacked and ready to burn straight off the pallet, so we opt for kiln dried – burning kiln dried logs will ensure your stove glass is kept clean and will prevent a build-up of soot or tar in your chimney or flue, and because you get so much heat output, you will actually need less than if you were to buy seasoned logs, so they’re actually great value for money), and the standard log length of 25cm is recommended by stove manufacturers, and fits 99% of wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. So they’ll fit without chopping too!

The prize is for one (gernormous) sack containing 1.6m3 of logs; it is apparently the most popular size for home delivery, and contains the equivalent of approx. 48 small bags of kiln dried firewood. This is a LOT of wood for you to win!

To enter, all you have to do is answer a really far-too-simple question in the widget box below. That’s it! Then there are various other options for gaining extra chances of winning that amazing log pile, which is actually a toasty-warm winter in a sack, right? Closing date is the 17th November, so they can be with you before the coldness really takes hold. Good luck!

Win a winter’s worth of fuel from Certainly Wood

Author: Laura

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  1. Superb top quality

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  2. I love stretching out infront of a toasting fire with my socks steaming in the heat.

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  3. I’m looking to buy a log burner soon so this prize ‘wood’ be perfect ;)

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  4. Super, hope I win

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  5. As we both had to retire early due to ill health, my wife after over 30ys NHS service and 3 children, myself after 20 plus years in industry and 20 plus years in education, we thought we might be entitled to some help with heating. No my wife has to wait another 5 yrs now until she is 66 due to the government changes and I have to wait another 3 years.
    So a pack of beautiful dry English firewood would be an absolute dream.

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