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Obviously we’re at the top of the school tree by now – we’re into 6th form, and it’s A Level time for the 16 & 17yr olds. By the time they reach this point, the studying gets serious, doesn’t it?
There’s a big jump from GCSE to A Level, but I’ve found that because they’ve chosen to be there, and they’re studying the subjects they love best, there’s less resistance and more enthusiasm than they’ve had since Primary.
But having support books for reference at home is invaluable – and revision guides are simply an essential tool for any exam student.

Providing plenty of exam practice and frequent progress checks and questions to consolidate learning, these AS & A2 study guides contain invaluable advice and preparation for exams.

All these books include:

• examiner’s tips that reveal how to achieve higher marks
• information presented in a clear and easy-to-use format
• exam board labels that allow students to identify content relevant to their course
• highlighted key points and examiner’s hints to offer guidance
• progress check questions to test recall and understanding
• sample questions and model answers that reveal what examiners are looking for
• exam-style questions and answers that provide crucial exam practice


So today’s prize is basically one student’s entire A-Level study needs, wrapped up into one amazing bookshelf  full of the Letts A Level Success books. These books are complete study and revision guides for AS  & A2, helping your teen prepare for A Level exams with confidence.

So how to enter to win that £85 bundle of A-Level study guides? Why just use the magickery below! First question is compulsory, then there’s the usual extras for showing some love on the interwebs if you feel so inclined.

The closing date for this competition is, of course, midnight tonight the 8th April 2016; only entries received on or before that date and time can be included. The winner will be the first randomly chosen entry. Good luck!


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