Win a complete KS3 Learning Library, plus a Pink Camo Beanbag! #BackToSchoolBooks

Unbelievably, we’re already on day 5 – and naturally that means High School.

So many of us have faced that huge leap – where they go from being the biggest frogs in the pond at Primary, to being the teeny tiniest little tiddlers again. It’s such a daunting time, and there’s so much learning to do – not just your actual lessons, but simply handling the new big school and it’s massive amount of new rules and etiquette, making new friends… simply finding your way around can be a nightmare!

Also – has anyone noticed that the older they get, the more expensive the study books become? What was wrong with some nice colouring in, that’s what I want to know. Now it’s all Model Algebraic Equations, and Analysing Persuasive Texts… Yeesh. Just carrying them gives me backache, let alone trying to absorb them into my brain.


So today’s prize is a brilliant learning library of resources for your 11-16yr old.
There’s the fabulous Letts Complete Coursebooks in Maths and English, Revision guides for Maths, English & Science – and of course the ubiquitous Dictionary & Atlas that no home should be without (by the way, I cannot tell you strongly enough how much you should click over to the Collins page for parents of Secondary School kids – it’s crammed full of unbelievably useful stuff, and I think you’ll be surprised how useful it is, and how often you go back to it).
And on top of all that, Collins are plopping a brillo beanbag into the bundle, bring the whole value up to £100!

So how to enter and win this fabulous Learning bundle of KS3 fabulous worth over £100? Why just use the magickery below! First question is compulsory, then there’s the usual extra chances.

The closing date for this competition is, of course, midnight tonight the 4th September 2015; only entries received on or before that date and time can be included. The winner will be the first randomly chosen entry. Good luck!

Win a £100 Books & beanbag Bundle

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