Win a £300 Wayfair Voucher!

Okay, this isn’t a competition of mine – trust me, I’ve already entered myself before I thought about sharing it.
But then, as I probably shan’t win, I needed to crow over my geniosity with someone.
So here’s the thing. Wayfair have a new ‘Room planner’. And it’s ace.
Amd to get people to start using it, they’re offering three lucky winners the chance to win a £100, £200 or a £300 Wayfair voucher!
How to do it? Oh, so much fun coming your way. Ever wanted to recreate a set from your favourite movie or TV series? Now you have the unique opportunity to put your creativity to the test!

How it works:

  1. Recreate a room from your favourite film or TV series using their Room Planner. You can select one of the backgrounds on the page or choose from the options available in the Room Planner—you can find it here.
  2. Screenshot your creation and submit it via the button on the main page or send it in an email to The deadline is 31.07.2019.
  3. The winners will be announced on 09.08.2019 and all of the picture-perfect results will be displayed in a gallery.

So… what did I do? Well… I had a quick mosey through the furniture, and came across some chairs.

I couldn’t think for a minute whose kitchen I knew which had bright yellow chairs… and then I had it.
Recognise THIS kitchen?

Lorelai Gilmore’s kitchen from Gilmore Girls, obviously.

I’ll admit, the recreation was tricky – mostly down to the fact that none of the kitchen backgrounds had green cupboards, and Wayfair don’t even seem to have any green cupboards I could put on the wall. Green’s not in, apparently.
Nor is that checkerboard 1950s yellow & white floor.

So if I couldn’t have the green cupboards, or the 50s flooring, I was sure as heckfire going to get down with the detail…

Yeah, I now, nothing like, is it? And yet… take another look at that top picture…

  • Yellow chairs
  • round browny rug
  • orange jug (LOOK at the match I found!)
  • coloured plates and blue wine glasses on the table
  • plants on a white pedestal stand (plants WITH YELLOW FLOWERS, I might add)
  • hanging iron rack with pans on
  • coloured mugs
  • the spice rack… yup, that exact one…
  • oh, and while she’s over there, the coffee machine, obvs.
  • the exact. same. kettle *proud*
  • tea towels from the cooker
  • The flamingo on the wall (usually behind the fridge)
  • those exact salt & pepper pots on a shelf over the cooker.
  • iron skillet pan on the cooker
  • sharp knife block to the right…
  • oh, and I added a dog bed for Paul Anker, because Lorelai would’ve liked it.

There is every chance I took this Room Planner Challenge a little too seriously…

So – if you fancy winning £100, £200 or £300 in Wayfair vouchers, go and make your own. Just recreate a room from your favourite film or TV series using their Room Planner—you can find it here. But don’t do the Gilmore Girls’ kitchen, okay? NOt only did I already do it, but it’s pretty hard!

Author: Laura

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