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Advent Calendar Door Twenty

“Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Steeeeeeeephen…”

Behind door number twenty of the 2015 #LittleStuff24 is your chance to win a little relaxing indulgence from Sealy – £50 to spend on yourself at John Lewis.


Sealy are on a very simple mission: to help all their customers become Deeper Sleepers. I think we can all roll with that one!
And this mission literally drives everything they do, ensuring they use the latest technologies to create innovative products. It’s this mission that means they spend more on sleep research and product development than any other mattress brand in the world.

They believe that a mattress needs to be more than just “comfortable” – it should help you get to sleep quickly (I hate that tossing-and-turning-tired-but-not-falling-asleep circle you can get into, when absolutely no position is the right one) and to help you stay asleep longer (which is nice, but I’m not convinced that the mattress can help with the early morning alarm call…).

I didn’t know that Sealy products are made right here in the UK – I just presumed they were all shipped in from some faceless far east manufacturing zone. But I’m happy to say I’m foolish and wrong; Sealy UK produce some of the very best and most innovative beds, mattresses and headboards from way up in Northern Cumbria – where  they employ around 330 people, and can make a staggering 3,500 mattresses and beds a week.

Sealy want us all to Sleep Deeper – so they are offering you the chance to go and spoil yourself with something relaxing with a £50 John Lewis Gift Card, to spend just on you!  To be in with a chance to win it, just answer the first two questions in the widget box below.

(don’t forget once you’re done here, there’s still four more competitions running in the rest of #LittleStuff24 – go enter them all!)

There are more chances to win by completing the other entry options if you so wish – they’re entirely up to you! The closing date for this competition is 25th January 2015 and only entries received on or before that date can be included. The winner will be the first randomly chosen entry. Good luck!

Author: Laura

A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. I work, I have four children, I have a dog… ergo, I do not do dusting or ironing. I began LittleStuff back in (gulp) 2004. I like huge mugs of tea. And Coffee. And Cake. And a steaming cone of crispy fresh fluffy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar. #healthyeater When I grow up I am going to be quietly graceful, organised and wear lipstick every day. In the meantime I *may* have a slight butterfly-brain issue.

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  1. Merry Christmas

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    • Christmas time is so stressfull

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  2. We hang ours on the end of the beds.

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  3. We hang ours on the end of your bed for Father Christmas,

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  4. Happy New Year :)

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  5. In the hall to stop the basset hounds doing a bit of self service.

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  6. hung on the end of the bed

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  7. We hang ours on our fireplace

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  8. on the wall in the living room

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  9. We hang ours on the bedroom door.

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  10. We hang them on the bedroom door handle

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  11. On the end of the bed.

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  12. We lay them on the end of the bed.

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  13. On the end of the bedpost!

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