WIN 1 of 100 #KickersPlayground nostalgia packs! YES!!

Oh, how we love Kickers. Way back in the 1980’s I yearned for that leather flower tag on my own round-toed chunkiness of a shoe (I never did get a pair). And when I started putting my children in Kickers I was sold and they became my go-to brand for my horde of growing feet. Kickers are just a brand that gets it… right. End of.
The shoes are sturdy enough to withstand any amount of playground sliding and tree-climbing. Importantly the design ensures there’s bags of room for vulnerable young feet to spread and grow – and the insides of the shoe are smooth and soft to make sure there’s never any rubbing. Plus, y’know – they’re so COOL!

So when Kickers wanted to let you know about their brilliant #KickersPlayground competition, I may have shouted “No probs!” a bit too loudly. We LOVE it!

The whole idea is to remember the best playground toys of old. What was your favourite? I think the one I probably played with most was the french elastic – but what I loved and yearned for (and stole as often as I could get away with it) were my sister’s orange clackers… Oh, the bruised wrists I had from those things; but oh, how I loved them!

(oh my goodness I just played this video, and that clacker sound! I”m 6 again! And my wrists are memory-throbbing…)

So come in – join in with #KickersPlayground and win one of their ace prizes too!

Kickers are offering you the chance to win one of 100 #KickersPlayground nostalgia packs!

including: 1 Kickers lunchbox, 1 Kickers water bottle and a selection of old playground favourites (tamagotchi, yo-yo, slap band and slinky) as well as one new one, the new to fame fidget spinner!

How To Enter

For your chance to win one of these nostalgic packs, simply post an image of either your old playground toy or your child’s current favourite toy onto Instagram or Facebook, tag @Kickersuk and use the hashtag #KickersPlayground

Winners will be chosen on 15th September and terms and conditions can be found here

Author: Laura

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