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Have you seen Dekko Comics yet? They publish comics for KS2 children to help them revise for SATs – sit up right now and tale notice, all you parents who are looking for new ways to help engage your children who may be struggling with large chunks of text. These babies are for YOU!

The short, fun (and frankly sometimes absurd) short stories in Dekko Comics are based solely around the curriculum – but ‘learning books’ never looked this way when I was in school! They’re just genius. I mean, come on – what 10yr old doesn’t love a comic?

clicken to embiggen and read for yourself…

And by taking the curriculum and making it fun, and entertaining, they make learning more accessible, particularly for children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD or those who are simply bored with homework and find this presentation more engaging.

Each comic contains twelve diverse KS2 curriculum topics from subjects including Maths, English, Science, History, Languages and Geography. And if you’re not convinced, you should know that a recent study by Dr Paul Aleixo from Sheffield Hallam University has shown that students remember details significantly better when learnt through comic books compared to textbooks. So yes – comics are genuinely a great study aid. GO COMICS!

And we have ten fabulous Dekko Comics sets to give away, thanks to Collins4Parents. The bundle includes a set of 4 Dekko Comics, 5 A3 posters plus a pack of STABILO pencils.

To enter, just use the magic widget below – closing date is the 26th of November, and first ten names out of the cyber hat win. Good Luck!
Win Dekko Comic Bundles

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  1. I’m a 62 year old Nanny to 3 beautiful gorgeous Munchkins and to help them with reading and going forward in their learning with fun is a must in my life.

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