Why Memes Have Become a Powerful Business Marketing Tool

Anyone who uses social media will have seen a meme, even if they’re not quite sure what they are. Simply put, memes are pictures, videos, or text that make comedic commentary on current social affairs. They’ve become so popular that the ability to understand, create, and post memes at the perfect time is an essential skill for any social media marketer. To understand why memes have become such a pivotal marketing tool for businesses, continue reading below.

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Memes are Commonplace.

Our daily lives are full of rituals that happened on autopilot including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For people plugged into social media, memes have become just as commonplace. When it comes to memes, there’s so much scope because anything can be taken and turned into a meme, whether it be a screenshot from a TV show/movie, famous speeches, gaming clips, and so much more. Social media platforms are packed with so many memes it’s impossible to count them all, and they’re shared massively, which is why businesses are getting in on the action.

Memes are Cheap.

Meme marketing, which is the act of using memes for marketing content, has become extremely popular for businesses because they’re easy and cheap to make. All you need is a decent meme maker, a grasp on social trends, and a bit of an edge. As well as being effective financially, memes are much quicker to create and post than other types of content, which saves time that can be spent elsewhere.

Great for Targeting the Young and Tech Savvy

If businesses want to communicate with their young and computer-literate audiences, then memes are the way to go. This demographic spends so much time endlessly scrolling through social media, and decent memes are bound to catch their eye and be worthy of a share.

Memes have become so relevant to companies in the finance and tech industry that companies like Slice have created the position of “Chief Meme Officer”. If you’re a marketing professional and don’t know how to create memes, then you better get learning.

Avoids Preachy Messages

The best marketing takes place when the audience has no idea it’s taking place, which is what happens when they come across a meme. There are so many memes out there that many people are desensitized to them, which means they consume them in their subconscious and share them automatically. This is good news because there’s nothing worse than overly preachy marketing content.

Helps with Voice

Effective branding is all about having a consistent voice, especially on social media channels. Through the power of meme marketing, businesses can give their voice a much-needed dose of personality, especially if their memes are relatable and funny. On the back of this strengthened connection, businesses often see an increase in sales.

Memes are a popular way to capture audience attention and reel them into the funnel. They’ve become an essential tool for businesses because they’re cheap, sharable, relatable, and easy to make with nothing but knowledge of design tools and social trends.

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