When LittleStuff went Quad Biking in Wales. And got Muddy. #BridgendBites

When BridgendBites suggested we might try Quad biking during our trip, the house might have echoed with a teeny bit of cheering.

Too right we would!

So we headed off to Adventures Wales in Porthcawl (very close to Cardiff, just a bit further West along the Welsh coast if your brain can’t place it) – and this time all six of us were signed up to join in.

I mean, come on. It’s Quad Biking!

quad biking cardiff swansea

There was a little consternation about Bear when she arrived – the minimum age is 7, but they DO need to be over 4′ tall. Luckily she’s grown an inch this winter, and stands proud at 4’1″. Huzzah!

With no hanging around we were escorted to the Quad biking area, and climbed into an array of waterproofs. There were wellies available, but we had come equipped with our own. Note to any future quad bikers – if you’re going on a rainy day, double and then triple check all your fastenings. Mud will be involved in this activity.

muddy quad biking wales

That’s me. In my beloved PURPLE wellies. *cries*

First up we had a quick safety lesson, and then we all took a turn to drive a quad bike around a small circuit – it proved very tricky for Bear, she was on the same bike as the rest of us, and the tight corners were heavy and tricky for her. but she managed the speed magnificently, and got all the way around with no help (if  very sloo-o-owlyyy).
Next came the real thing – we literally climbed on to a quad bike each, and got told we’d be called in 35 minutes time.

And we were off!

quad biking south wales

No.1 shot off straight away, quickly outstripping the rest of us who took a circuit or two to find our comfort zones and notch up the speed a bit.

Then the competitive spirit started to kick in.

Jolly (who’s 11) and Bear found cornering a slight issue to begin with, but we had two marshalls with us who were endless patient at repeatedly getting them back on the track, and keeping them going.

They didn’t even laugh (much) when I decided that a sharp corner was the PERFECT place to overtake the husband… and drove over the tyres and out into no mans land, shrieking quite a loud “Oh bloody sodding Craa-a-a-a-AP!” as I went. *sigh*

quad biking for 7yr old south wales

That’s Bear – the 7yr old perched on the big ole quad bike, which she drove magnificently

After maybe ten minutes the erratic driving settled and we all stayed on the track long enough to really start enjoying ourselves. At first I kept an eagle Mumma-eye on the two youngest – driving the same sized quad bikes as the grown ups seemed silly, and I felt sure they’d get frustrated and disheartened at not being able to control it as easily as the grown ups. nit one bit of it – they both gritted their teeth in determination, and bounced and flew around the track.
Pretty soon I relaxed and started trying to catch no.1 myself.

family quad biking with children wales

And this is her stopping to ask Daddy if HE’S okay (he’d moved off track and got off his bike to video us all).

The weather wasn’t kind – we had slashing sleety rain as we hurled ourselves around the track, which was freezing and painful on the hands. It did however make the puddles magnificent and the slippy parts of the track totally treacherous. Which was excellent, naturally.

The noise is not to be underestimated – these things are LOUD. So loud that I was pretty sure there was no way that any noise I made from inside the helmet could possibly be heard from the other side of that roaring engine.
So I *may* have let fly with a merry warble or two.
And when I saw that the husband had disembarked to take some video, I may have roared my way down the track at him, sniggering at my fearsome noise. Sadly, my perception of how the noise would carry was a little off. If you listen on the video, the thin wailing “Raaaaar!” is me.
Yes, I am ashamed at my fearsome noise. In my defence it was MUCH more scary inside my helmet.
And when I heard this, I realised that yes, the marshalls could hear me singing quad-bike-themed opera on the far side of the track too.

When our time was up, we couldn’t believe it had gone so fast – talk about an exhilarating morning. We couldn’t stop chattering and comparing notes as we started climbing out of the protective waterproofs – and sniggering at each other’s mud spatters. We LOVED it – and would love to go again, as a family activity it’ll take some beating for pure excitement and out and out fun.

quad biking family

gettin’ competitive now… there may have been hollers along the lines of “Get out of my Waaa-a-a-y”…

Quad Biking sessions at Adventures Wales start from only £22.50, and you get to ride Race Built 90cc fully automatic Quad bikes – so no tricky gear changes to worry about.  It’s a Fully instructional session with dedicated instructor staff, and  helmets and waterproofs are provided. Try it – I guarantee you’ll have a blast!

11yr old quad biking wales

mud mud mud…

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  1. Great review of our Quad Biking & Activity Centre. So glad you guys all enjoyed particularly the mud. Hopefully we’ll see you all again soon.

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  2. I remember quad biking with my girls, all I can see is this ‘may cause death’ sticker on the front, but we had a fab time xx

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