What has made Monopoly Live so popular?

Are you someone that loved playing the Monopoly board game when you were a child – and maybe still now? Then Monopoly Live is the game for you on Virgin Games!  A fresh take and a classic. 

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First off, let us talk about a brief history of our beloved family board game.

Over the years, Monopoly has developed from a board game to a product you can now play on your mobile, console, or in a casino. It is one of the world’s most popular gaming brands, with millions of players playing daily. 

Monopoly is a multiplayer game traced back to as early as 1903. First created by Lizzie Magie as an educational tool but soon evolved into The Landlord’s Game. 

Several variants of this game were developed from 1906 to the 1930s. All with the same concept of creating monopolies and crushing your opponents. It seems that the competitive side of the game has never changed!

In the 1930s, the game’s copyrights would be purchased from Lizzie Magie and Charles Darrow by The Parker Brothers. Hasbro acquired Monopoly from them in 1991.

There have been several versions of the game, US and UK additions, special additions of local towns, and additions to popular games or movie franchises such as World of Warcraft, Fallout, and Harry Potter.

In April 2021, Monopoly Live was released by Evolution Gaming. It’s a live casino game show inspired by the board game players have enjoyed for the best part of a century.

Why is Monopoly Live so popular today?

With its already huge popularity and a household favorite game, Monopoly Live is easy for most players to get into. It is a recognized board game that helped make Monopoly Live an instant success.

It is a game that boasts tons of features similar to Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher. It has host-led TV show elements and brings advanced features redefining the board game much further.

Like in Dream Catcher, some designs and features include a Wheel of Fortune. Here you can spin the wheel based on Monopoly board game features. 

The wheel is big and hosts 54 segments, either a digit 1 to 5, Chance, 2, or 4 rolls. You then place your wager on what you feel the wheel will land on on your next spin. 

Here is what you’ll find:

  • 22 of the segments are white and come with a multiplier of 1x
  • 15 segments are green with a multiplier of 2x
  • Seven segments are in pink and come with a multiplier of 5x
  • Four of the segments are in blue with a multiplier of 10x
  • Two segments are orange and will activate the chance bonus
  • Three of the segments are in silver and black and offer the two-roll bonus
  • And one segment is in black and gold, which gives you the four rolls bonus

While the wheel is spinning, the developers have provided us with a virtual version of good old Mr. Monopoly. If you land on Chance, he reveals a card after jumping from his set with excitement; players can get a multiplier or a cash prize.

The cash prize will return the stake you have on top of whatever existing wins you have. The multiplier function spins the wheel again; if you win on these spins, the size of the win is boosted.

If you trigger a two or four roll with any of the multipliers, your bonus game rewards also multiply. 

Mr. Monopoly will take you to everyone’s favorite board game when these roles happen. At this stage of the game, you can play the virtual board game itself. 

It boasts the same features and layouts as the classical board game, with all the properties, community chest, chance, free parking, taxes, Go, and the dreaded jail. If you land on Go to Jail, Mr. Monopoly gets sent to jail. 

Like in the classical family board game, you are offered basic rewards for the properties you own. You can greatly increase the size of the rewards by building houses and hotels on your properties. 

If Mr. Monopoly goes to jail, you must roll two doubles to set him free. So similar to the board game but rolling a double twice.  

Community chests and chance will give you multipliers, and your prizes will double in size when you pass go. If you receive income tax in the game, it’s worth 10% of your bonus winnings, while supertax reduces your bonus winnings by 10%. 

The player payout a percentage of 90% on two rolls, which is the highest payout you can get, with 2% being the lowest payout on segment 10. 

Monopoly Live offers a wide range of features and is user-friendly. It has a great interface and will keep you entertained during your gaming experience.

It hosts a user chat feature, where you can interact with other players providing a unique social experience that you would experience in the living room on the famous board game. You can interact with the host and taunt or vent frustrations at your opponents. 

You can adjust display settings and camera angles to suit your needs; it is easy to navigate through all the options, including the wagering table. 

If you enjoy playing Monopoly board games, you should consider trying your hand at Monopoly Live and relive your favorite game with like-minded people. 

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