What Does Your Favourite Chocolate Say About You?

Ah, chocolate. Its mere name is enough to make our mouths water – but which taste are you imagining? Is it sugary white? Perhaps it’s classic milk? Or something completely different?

Whatever it is, it could be significant. In fact, it may even reveal key aspects of your character. So, what does your favourite flavour say about you?

Explore our guide to find out.

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Milk is the go-to chocolate for many of us – and it’s easy to see why. Its versatility means that it’s delicious in practically any form, from ice cream to hot chocolates. No wonder milk chocolate hampers are so popular (or perhaps a port hamper from a chocolate shop. That one was hugely popular!)

If this is your preferred treat, you’re likely adaptable, and able to cope with challenges swiftly and effectively. You may also find that you don’t need much to be happy – and that you prioritise meaningful experiences over material goods.

Your sincerity could also explain your overall friendliness.

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Deep. Rich. Intense. These three words are often used to describe dark chocolate. But it can be divisive: some love its strong taste, whilst others loathe it.

If you’re an avid fan, you may be pleased to hear what it suggests about you as a person. Apparently, you present a more mature outlook than your peers. And because of this, you tend to the be the most supportive member of your friendship group.

So, if you’ve ever thought of yourself as the advice-giver, your love for dark chocolate could explain why.


Arguably the sweetest of all chocolates, white is a favourite among many. What insight does it provide into our inner lives, though?

It’s widely believed that those with a liking for this flavour are unique, and proud of it. In addition, you may be more inclined to follow your heart, as opposed to your head.

But this isn’t a bad thing at all – it means that you’re generally good at responding to your gut instincts.

As a white chocolate lover, you’re a free spirit, attracting admirers wherever you go.

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Flavoured Chocolate

Perhaps you prefer a more specific type of chocolate. And if you do, who could blame you? After all, there isn’t one singular way to enjoy the cocoa bean – it can come in an array of forms.

Much like white chocolate eaters, you could be a little bit wild; someone who likes to make their own path in life.

Thoroughly independent, you might not like to be told what to do by others – and very often, you’re generally happy to express it.

Unsurprisingly, your lively spirit helps you to light up any room that you enter.

Who knew that our taste in chocolate could mirror who we truly are? Your preferred choice could indicate a lot about you – or so the sugar experts say.

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