What assistance do we need in our later years?

As we age, we go through many changes – both physically and emotionally. With healthcare problems to consider and greater emotional support often needed, it’s vital that we are able to access help and assistance whenever we might need it.
So, just what assistance are we likely to need? And how can we get it?

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Assistance needed: at home
The most obvious form of help we may need is that which is provided in our own homes. For many people in their later years, getting around the home and performing everyday tasks can become a bit of struggle. This can be due to various reasons but limited mobility is potentially the most common.

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Assistance obtained from: mobility aids
Assistance for these complaints is readily available from mobility aids which can be used in and around the house. Grab rails and ramps outside properties can make access easier while stair lifts can allow people to travel up and down stairs with ease. Additional grab rails in bathrooms and walk-in showers or bath units can also prove beneficial, as can adjusting the height of furniture and units so that individuals do not have to bend or stretch to reach them.

Assistance needed: for mobility
Finally, those entering their later years may find that they experience limited mobility as a result of the aging process. This can manifest itself as medical conditions such as arthritis or as more generic symptoms such as a general stiffness of the joints, mild swelling and discomfort when moving. All of this can cause difficulty when attempting to complete daily tasks or even do something as simple as get up the stairs.

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Assistance obtained from: NHS
The NHS offers free healthcare provisions to people of all ages and this is great for those in their later years. You may find that you’re able to get a number of treatments on the NHS and for those over 60 years, prescriptions are free of charge. This means that getting access to the medication you need is not a problem – although it is worth noting that not all drugs are available for free in this way and those after specific brands or medications may have to pay for them.

Assistance obtained from: assisted living accommodation
This is where assisted living accommodation comes into play. These properties are typically large developments that contain individual units or properties for each individual homeowner. It does not simply house everyone in a single property with only individual rooms, as with many care homes.
While the unit or property you own within the complex is yours, there are many communal areas and facilities which you have access to as well. Alongside this, round-the-clock care is available with carers and wardens on hand to provide whatever assistance you need.
If you want daily visits or help with specific tasks then this can be arranged. Similarly, weekly or less frequent visits can also be scheduled – it’s all based on what is best for you and your situation.

Assistance needed: healthcare
Another obvious form of help needed is for healthcare. As we age, a number of different concerns and complaints can afflict us and it is vital that these are addressed as quickly as possible.

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