What are the common problems with building home extensions?

Anyone who has a family will know how much space is needed in the home. After all, you and your partner probably have lots of stuff to store away so adding in one or more kids only makes this problem grow. It is not only about possessions either – many family homes have ample room when you first move in but don’t have enough extra room to grow as your lives change. You may, for example, decide to work from home and need a home office or be expecting another child who will need a nursery. If your current house has no spare rooms, then it is a tricky issue to solve.

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Moving is the first thing that springs to mind for most people but that is a real hassle and is expensive. If you are settled where you currently live and simply do not want to move, then it is a non-starter. With this in mind, choosing to have a home extension built is the best idea. This gives you the extra space you require but is less expensive than moving home and means you can stay where you are.

Before you hire a builder to complete your extension it is worth knowing about the common problems extending your home can bring and how to tackle them.

Poor levels of natural light

This is a common problem many people can face when having an extension built. Depending on where in your home the extension is located, you could find your new space a little on the dark side. This is not ideal as you will not find it an enjoyable or inviting space to spend time in. The first step to tackle this is making sure you have adequate windows installed in your new extension to let in plenty of natural light. Following completion of the build, many homeowners install interior shutters on the new windows. They not only look amazing and will give your new build some serious style, they also make the most of the natural light which comes into the room. Shutter slats can also be tilted to give you extra privacy when using your new space.

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The finished result is a disappointment

You would be surprised at how often this is the case. Many people start off their extension project with one result in mind but then end up with something that is not quite the same. This can be annoying considering the money that has been spent on it and also the fact you will have to look at it for years to come. Fortunately, this is quite simple to solve and to ensure you get the results you want.

To begin with, make sure you know what the building and planning regulations say you can and cannot do in terms of design. If you are aware of this beforehand then you will plan out an extension which can be fully realised. The next thing is to choose a reputable builder making sure they understand your plans and will stick to them during the build. If you do this, then you should end up with the extension of your dreams.

Going over budget

Another common problem you may face when extending a property is exceeding your initial budget. This happens to many people and sometimes it is hard to avoid. If you hit an unforeseen snag when building work starts, then it can really impact on the financial side of the build. Having said that, there are some things you can do to tackle this issue. The first is to create a budget for the build and stick to it as much as you can. The next is to always get the best deals you can on materials and labour – while you always want quality, you should strive to get the best value, too.

Damp in the new extension

This issue is not only a potential health risk to those who use the new space but will also cause considerable damage to your extension. The way to overcome this is to make sure your builder puts in a damp-proof course as specified by the building regulations when the extension is built.

Give your home a new lease of life

If you need to create extra space in your existing property, then a smart new extension is a fine idea. The above tips are certainly worth thinking about beforehand though so you can deal with the most common problems people face. If you keep on top of these, then your new extension will be a real success.

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