Wedding Flip Flops, Madam? Why Yes. Yes Please.

I know, the wedding day is the day you get to pull out our ridiculously lovely, impossibly high heeled and foolishly impractical little bits of beauty for your feet.
You slip your toes into them and feel instantly gorgeous, right?

Of course.

But fast forward a few hours, through the ceremony and the canapés and the standing and chatting and you start to feel just a  little less so. You get tired of trying to stop your heels sinking into the grass. The balls of your feet start to ache, you remember that they rubbed your left heel the last time you wore them too… and by the time you sit down to eat you’re oh so glad to discreetly ease them off your toes under the table with a sigh of relief.
But of course, the night is yet young. There’s dancing to be done, and there’s no way you’re missing it.

What you need – whether you’re the bride in your amazing Jimmy Choos, a bridesmaid or just a friend of the happy couple – is a handy pair of flip flops.
Oh yes you do.

Wedding flips flops are totally a thing, and they’re not just for the Boho brides or the beach weddings either.

Plenty of thoughtful country brides provide a hamper of flipflops for their guests evening comfort, and I think it’s a fabulous idea.
And of course, when we say ‘flip flops’ that doesn’t mean a sudden desertion of al things stylish chic. No no no.
Take a look at some of these from the Flip Flop Shop…

silver wedding flip flops

Havaianas Luna Special Women’s Flip Flops

Part of Havaianas premium range these flip flops are manufactured to the highest standard using the best materials available. These are sure to be a firm favourite for anyone who’s looking for a pretty, dainty and elegant sandal this season – £44.95.

pretty gold wedding flip flops

Havaianas You Metallic Women’s Flip Flops

These pretty flip flops from Havaianas feature a slightly raised heel for a modern look. Get the shine, without the sparkle – these gorgeous ‘You Metallic’ from Havaianas have been given a super gloss finish and are sure to add a touch of class to your outfit. £27.95

Ipanema wedding flip flops

Ipanema MeshWomen’s Flip Flops

These pretty flip flips from Ipanema come in a range of colours to suit any outfit. They have the slightly raised heel bed for comfort and looks, and there’s sure to be one to match your outfit with their metallic matching tone foot strap. All for a simple £17.95.



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