Walkers Hoops and Crosses. (N.B. There’s an unfortunate lack of photographs in this post.)

We were happy to take part in the launch of the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses baked snacks. Let’s face it – snack times are endless with four children in the house, and anything that gets more nutrients into them is fine by me.

hoops and crosses baked snack

So – the box of sample arrived, and was eagerly opened. A seriously cute cheeky monkey was instantly appropriated by the 6yr old, and the 11yr old grabbed the bag of snacks. I went to get my camera, to return to a guilty faced boy just dropping an empty packet into the bin.

“Ohhh… did you need to photograph them?”

Cue irritated parent muttering out variations on ‘bloody-snack-snaffling-pre-teens’.

He did, however, like them. A lot.

“Oh they were seriously nice. No, really, they were. Delicious. I loved them. Are there any more?”

So the next trip to the supermarket I picked up a six-pack (currently on offer at our local Co op at £1 for six. Yes! £1!!). Upon my return, I shouted to the empty kitchen, and to the house at large where the 5 members of my family were scattered that the Hoops and Crosses were off limits, and that I was heading straight back out to walk the dog.

Upon my return, I immediately noticed the multipack’s defences had been breached.

Surely they wouldn’t have…

They had.

Five packets GONE.

(Honestly, you’d think I never fed them.)

Thankfully, one packet remained. I popped it quickly out of sight in a cunning hiding place (the crisp storage bag under the stairs) and determined to photograph the youngest child with it tomorrow.

Around 8 that evening, I entered the living room, just as the teen was leaving it. Hiding something rustley behind his back. Decidedly shifty look in his eye. I opened my mouth, and his brain moved fast.

“Oh, those new snack thingies, the Hoops and Crosses? They’re LOVELY. Really REALLY nice. Do you think we could try the other flavours too? I quite fancy the Salt & Vinegar ones…” He sailed casually over to the bin and flipped the lid. I saw a flash of yellow fall behind him.

“You just ate the last pack, didn’t you?”

“well, um… I was STARVING, and I knew we were supposed to be reviewing them, so I thought I’d, y’know, help out. Do the job properly…”

He had the sense to stop talking at that point. Probably noticing the murderous look in my eye.

“They are VERY nice!” He finished lamely. Then he scarpered.

Next trip to the Co op revealed they had sold out. And the next.

Finally I was successful in snatching the last multipack from the shelf – only we were headed out on a picnic, and all six packs were eaten on a hill top before a nosy game of French Cricket. And we were naturally without a camera.

They were right though. They ARE really nice. A bit similar-ish in taste to Monster Munch.

And so, the deadline of the review draws near, and I have still failed to snatch a photo of them in action, so to speak. It’s a bit like trying to photograph a snow leopard – blink and you miss them.

But actually – that’s as good a review as I could ever give them. Nothing that disappears that fast can be considered ‘not tasty’ in this house. And in all seriousness (don’t tell the children this bit) I don’t really mind too much. They’re a baked snack, so contain nowhere near as much fat as normal crisps. They contain 56% wholegrain, too – which is always a good thing for them. AND they’re gluten free, so the husband can eat them without risking his insides too.

But – just for your info. Here’s what they actually look like:
walkers hoops and crosses



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