Voyage Prive Reviews. Trust your gut? No. Trust my Mum.

If you have always wondered, like me, whether those TV ad’s for the secret holiday clubs are worth it, or you are simply looking for Voyage Prive reviews, then read on. We don’t work with them, earn no money from them, but they are so good that Danni felt she had something to say about them

Voyage Prive reviews - luxury holidays
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How about a destination like this, check out Voyage Prive Reviews

And breathe.

Christmas is over for another year (hoorah) and it’s time to relax… or at least, investigate relaxing. I have the perfect website to make choosing a holiday for you and the family an easy, stress-free and quite an enjoyable experience… If you’re into that kind of thing! Stand by for Voyage Prive Reviews.

Last year we gave you deals, and you can check these out here for this years holiday inspo. And to make your life EVEN easier, we’re linking you up to a fantastic website riddled with summer steals! That’s right, Voyage Privé. For those of you who don’t know, get to know! They’ve revolutionised my way of holiday hunting. Thank-you Voyage Prive… From the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

I hadn’t holidayed for 6 or so years before last summer, so when the sun began trying to force it’s way through the British clouds last year and I STILL hadn’t booked anything, I thought “f*@k this!” and began my search for a gorgeous get-away.  

After many a stressed evening flicking back and forth between tabs, applications and screens, I finally sought help from my holiday-pro parents…

luxury holiday in greece - check out Voyage Prive Reviews
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Tempted? Check out Voyage Prive Reviews

“Use Voyage Privé Dan, it’s SO easy. It does it all for you and gives you amazing deals. How do you think I’ve been doing it all these years?! I’ve used up all my patience living with your father, I don’t have any patience left for holiday hunting too!”

Trusting my Mum’s wise words, I googled Voyage Privé filled with the hope that in a few weeks, I’d be sunning myself on a lovely beach, miles away from the hustle and bustle of London.

luxury beach holiday - check out holiday Prive reviews
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Not me by the way, oh I wish!

Voyage Privé Process:

I created an account and had my friend plonk herself next to me as we began browsing. Now our budget was pretty tight (like my clothes after Christmas… I would honestly look like a strung ham joint if I wore a bikini right now, *shivers at the thought*) seen as we’d left it with only a few weeks before flying and not being particularly savvy with our income (whoops), but LOADS of possibilities popped up! No more were we panicking about ending up in a shitty resort that could compete with The Inbetweeners hotel for biggest let down. No €50 fine for us thank-you!

Oh, P.S – here’s the link to signup to their membership CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE!!!

We decided on Lanzarote as neither of us had been before, staying in a 4* hotel right by the beach with some pubs, clubs, bars and markets only a stone’s throw away. For what we wanted, it looked perfect. And it was. I’d attach some snaps, but they’re all of me being an idiot puffing my belly out imitating a beached whale or showing off my tan (burn) lines and trust me, nobody wants to see that…. Although here’s some cool glasses I found…

Me Dannii looking absolutely fabulous darling!
Pretty cool…right?

Enough about my experience – here’s why this site is fab:


You can type in when and where you’d like to go, and you can also select ‘more filters.’. However, if you’re like us and you don’t know where you fancy going, don’t stress! The website can show you their recommended and best deals as well as other suggestions to spark some inspiration. The ‘more filters’ tab is a drop-down box with options to refine your search – e.g. departure airport, budget, room capacity, duration of stay and purpose of your trip. Click ‘View All Sales’ to bring up the results and deals relevant to your search. The whole website is just super self-explanatory and easy to use which is perfect for technophobes like me!

an expamople of a holiday on Holiday Prive reviews
Here’s an example for you.
Looks like heaven doesn’t it. Get me there now!

Voyage Privé shows you a price for your stay including flights and excluding flights for your ease (see above). There’s a ‘Just For You’ section below which bullet points some of the added benefits ie; champagne upon arrival (yes please!), free room upgrade, a voucher for a local restaurant etc.. The page tells you about the destination you have chosen and good places to go, local amenities, your hotel and what it has to offer as well as information on your room. Normally I’d be flitting between different tabs and reviewing my choices, googling to see what there is to do there having multiple browsers all with different hotels, locations and flights open, then getting in a huff when everything goes tits up because I got confused, which will inevitably happen. Well, no more my friends – Voyage Privé saved the day!

Average temperature chart on holiday prive reviews
This tells you the average temperatures for each month. A super handy little feature!

Once you’re happy with your selection, pick your board (half/full board) and your flights. Select these and add baggage if it’s not already included in the deal. Then basically, it’s done! It really is that easy.

Queries & FAQ’s:

Q:  Boarding and check-in issues?

  • For those worried about check-in and boarding, don’t. We checked in 24 hours before out flight on our phones and whizzed through boarding with zero issues and we were upgraded to priority boarding as part of our deal!

Q:  Are the transfers reliable? What happens if they cancel?

  • Yes, in my experience they are! However, if there is any kind of issue with ANY part of your journey, Voyage Prive ensure that there is a backup in place with no extra cost, plus their customer service team are really helpful and quick to respond.

Q:  How do you know if the hotel is family friendly?

  • Each deal should state if it’s not family friendly but also in the ‘more filters’ section, you can specify if you would like only family friendly hotels to appear.

Overall Verdict:

Anyone who has read some of my other posts knows I love comparison websites that have done all the hard work for me and gives me relevant information with minimal effort on my behalf. And no, it’s not laziness, it’s… okay it’s laziness. This site is the crème de la crème of easy-peasy and informative websites. I cannot stress enough, how much this has wowed me. Maybe I am easily pleased but I know that I will be utilising this website for the foreseeable future 100%. I really think you should too. Unless you want to add stress onto the already stressful process that is of course… Even using travel agencies and companies, there is still too much choice and they whack a bunch of commission on to obviously make it worth their while. Well, i’m not charging you for showing you these deals so go, go, go!

Plus, I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home once! Join me on the dark side ladies…

Here’s the link again… just in case you forgot to click on the first one.

Aaaahh *Kicks back, puts feet up and sups on a glass of red* Thank me later.

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  1. Voyage Privé is absolute bullshit.
    We booked holidays for 2500 swiss francs and they never transferred my money to the airline nor to the hotel – meaning they didn’t book anything. We went to check in at the airport and the guy there told us that we were not listed on our flight; we could not fly. I tried to get hold of Voyage Prive for over 6 (!!!) hours, I called a dozen different numbers (my phone bill will be ridiculously high) and I wrote many many emails. Nobody EVER picked up. After 6 hours they called me, but the number was blocked, so I could not call back. I was fuming at this point. At some point, I managed to get somebody on the phone. The guy told me that he could book new flights for us. After I told him he should check out if the hotel was even booked, he eventually found out that we also did not have a reservation there. Can you imagine? I had to tell him to check this. This company is an absolute joke. I will NEVER book with them again.

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