Vileda’s new Superhero campaign – win the whole team!

I’m sure regular readers will remember the infamous steam mop vs chicken-poo-dog-vomit  battle from a few months back. Yes – it’s seared on my brain too – and before you ask, the carpets are absolutely FINE now. Frankly, they’re fine in huge part due to Vileda and their magnificent Steam mop – I sing its praises regularly (I’m sure friends and family are all a little tired of the chicken-poo-dog-vomit story, to be fair) and am convinced that no home should be without one. Even if they don’t have chickens. Or a dog that eats chicken poo.

So I was really excited to see Vileda’s latest campaign – how cool is this?


Buy one of the Superhero products – and win the whole team!

As part of Vileda’s new campaign which launched last week, you could become part of a ‘Grime Fighting Superhero Team’ by simply using one of Vileda’s four secret weapons from the innovative electrical range. 

The whole electrical range includes the innovative cordless 100?C Hot Spray Mop (RRP £59.99) which removes 99.9% of bacteria; my trusty lightweight Steam Mop (RRP £89.99); a Windomatic window vacuum (RRP £49.99) to make cleaning windows and mirrors easier, and a next generation Cleaning Robot (RRP £149.99).

It’s easy – if you purchase one of the superhero products from Vileda direct, you’ll be entered for a chance to win the rest of the team!

 The Grime Fighting Superheroes Team campaign runs until Sunday the  8th May and can be found at


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  1. Im yet to try A Vileda Steam mop does sound good

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