Useful Apps for Kids in University to Have

We all want the best for our children, and sending them off to university is a rewarding time for both parents and children. But it can also be a challenging time. There are so many new things to adjust to at university, and between classes and adjusting to an independent life, it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with your alone time as you get used to not being at home and how to get by.

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Here are some apps to guide you through life a bit easier and to keep you busy:

Language apps

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn something so useful at any place, any time? There’s nothing better than learning from your phone or tablet that you can use on campus! Language apps such as Babbel can help you with some of your language courses or keep you occupied and help you gain a new skill. If you are wondering how effective Babbel is, here is the research to back it up and rest assured because it is one of highest rated language apps. You can see advancements just within a couple of months and the app makes it easy to fit in a language lesson between classes or in your free time throughout the day. Even 10-20 minutes can be a productive lesson!


Writing papers is a frequent event during the years at university, so you get very familiar with citing references. RefMe helps streamline the process by enabling users to take a photo of the book’s barcode, which creates a citation instantly. Since many universities and even classes require different formats for citations, you even have the option to choose the format for your references, which is a major bonus. 

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A big adjustment for many students at university is getting used to grocery shopping and cooking for themselves. BigOven is an app the provides you with over 35,000 recipes, including recipes for beginners in the kitchen! The more gain confidence with cooking, the more independent you feel being away from home, and it is a great way to bond with other students as well!

Voucher Cloud

Students don’t have endless amounts of money, and saving on normal life items such as food can mean having more to put towards university materials. Voucher Cloud helps you find great deals and save on food in your area.


Math problems can be complex and confusing, and sometimes you need to walked through a problem but don’t have the support around you to get it. This is where Mathway comes in. It gives you step-by-step instructions for math problems, so you can check your work and understand how to get to the final answer, no stress needed!

Lemon Wallet

With a lot to grab on your way out to courses, there will most likely be a time (or two) that you can’t find your wallet and really need it while you’re out. Lemon Wallet helps you to find your wallet and store important information on there. The app labels it as your ‘smarter wallet’.

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Getting yourself up and out to class on time is crucial during university, and it’s up to you and you only to get yourself there! If you find yourself sneaking your way around the standard alarm clock, you’ll love Alarmy. The app requires you to do a couple unique actions, even including taking a picture of your front door, to ensure you are actually up and awake. You’ll be especially thankful for this app on that day you get yourself to an important class or presentation on time after a late-night studying!
With using these apps, you can ensure your kid has a smooth ride through surviving their years at university and gain more confidence with being independent.

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