Unusual Music-Based Gift Ideas

Music used to make a great gift. You could buy a CD to match the recipient’s taste and although it was relatively cheap and easy, it still showed you’d put a little thought or considered what they might like when making the purchase … unless, of course, it was randomly grabbed from the bargain bin or one of those ‘Your Dad Will Love This’ compilations thrown together to cash-in on Father’s Day.

The way we consume music is rapidly changing, however. According to figures compiled by the British Phonographic Industry, sales of digital music outstripped physical formats for the first time in 2012. You can’t gift wrap an MP3 and there’s something distinctly impersonal about paying for downloads anyway.

There are still a number of great gift ideas for the genuine music fan however – and here are some unusual options you may want to try.

Art and photography

From original posters to stylish art prints and exclusive rock photography reprints, music art can make an unusual music based gift.

Rock ‘n’ roll has never been purely about the music. From Elvis’ censored pelvis to The Ramones’ matching black leather jackets and Pink Floyd’s mind-bending Dark Side Of The Moon album cover, popular music and iconic imagery have always gone hand in hand.


Interestingly enough, given the rise of digital music, vinyl has made something of a resurgence of late. It’s not the default format that it was last century but is often now seen as a luxury alternative, with many artists releasing limited edition versions of their latest works – often with bonus tracks and artwork.

If you are considering vinyl as a gift, make sure the recipient owns a turntable if it’s meant to be played or invest in decorative examples which can be hung on walls as an interesting feature.


The fact that former Smiths singer Morrissey’s autobiography was published on the Penguin Classics imprint – more commonly reserved for literary greats such as James Joyce and Dickens – caused quite a kerfuffle recently, stoking discussion on a number of serious current affairs platforms.

Music books can be essential reading however, providing an insight into your favourite musicians that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Think of a well-known band or artist and there’s probably a book about them – with unofficial works often outshining the self-penned or officially sanctioned ones.

For those who own instruments, why not get them a book about their idols or a publication which contains the music for their most popular songs and how to play it?

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