Tuff-Luv iPad Air case. Makers of Seriously Good Tablet Cases.

When Netflix sent through the iPad Air, my very first thought was… actually it wasn’t. My very first thought was “EeeEEEEKKK!”

But my very second thought was “I need a really good cover for this, or I will break it inside the next 9 days”.

And then I added a subthought, too “Oh please let me be able to find a nice pretty cover”

So when I got an email asking if I’d like to review the Tuff-Luv iPad Air case I couldn’t believe my luck.

fabric stripy ipad air cover

I know – pretty, isn’t it?


I mean seriously – have you SEEN their site? They’re not just about the pretty cases for the tablets. Oh no. They’re also looking after the laptops, the e-Readers, the MP3’s,  the cameras… They’ll protect the lot for you.

And their designs? Oh so very purty….

fabric stripy ipad air cover

But I’m not one to be wooed by a bit of stripy fabric y’know. This thing was to house my delicious and precious iPad air – it needed to be practical too.

So when it arrived, I slotted in the tablet…. and there it has lived ever since.fabric stripy ipad air cover

I LOVE this case. I do.

The cover itself is as stiff and strong as a hardback book cover – allegedly strong enough to protect the tablet from an accidental droppage onto the kitchen floor (not that I would ever do such a careless thing, obviously *cough*).


The corner bands which hold it in place are secure enough for it to never have slipped – it’s the usual system of two static strips and two elasticated to allow you to easily insert the tablet.

Actually, the top elasticated band causes my one and only niggle with the whole case – it slightly overlaps the mute switch, so it is fine to turn it on, but a little fiddly to turn it off again. It’s a small thing, though.


The properly pretty stripy Navajo fabric on the outside makes way for a microfibre interior which is not only strokably soft-as-suede, but doesn’t make a single mark on the shiny glass of the tablet. And the four slot positions for changing the angle of the stand have covered every avoid-the-reflection need I’ve had so far, and they’re deep enough for the tablet to remain secure in all of them. Even if the case is teetering on the chopping board so that I can watch Quantum Leap while chopping salad.


Finally, the Tuff-luv iPad cases also have the magic auto-sleep function which has saved my battery life countless times – just close the cover, and the tablet nods off. Marvellous!

Like all Tuff-luv cases, the Navajo slim-stand comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials- and Tuff-Luv also ship free to the whole world. I know – I TOLD you they were good…

The Slim-stand Material Case cover for Apple iPad Air in Navajo Red can be nabbed direct from Tuff-Luv for a smidge under £30.



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