Trollbeads. Perfect. #EasterGiftGuide

I have had a bit of a thing for Trollbeads for quite a while now.

I have always hated traditional charm bracelets – I love their sentiment, and their personality… but ‘charms’? *shudder*
Trollbeads retain all that individuality and personal meaning… and manage to be so darn pretty too.

Last week a special edition totally caught my eye – and I told them so, sighing jealously at its prettiness.

trollbeads blue leather bracelet

So it was quite a surprise that arrived in the post yesterday morning.

My very own version of the exact turquoise Trollbeads leather bracelet I had so loved.

trollbeads cloud silver liining

The husband always says that I like to live inside the silver lining – now I have one of my very own to wear.


But not exactly the same. Oh no no. Because somebody had been reading a certain feature about me that Becky featured on A Beautiful Space  … and my bracelet came with a truly beautiful cloud bead.

Clouds – and my very own silver lining.

The other bead on MY bracelet?
A Pink Petals daisy.
Of course.


It honestly couldn’t be more perfect for me, and I love it a LOT. I love the rich turquoise that flashes out amongst the black. I love the look of double-stranded leather, I love the small flower on the clasp… More than anything I love what it makes me think of when I look at it. It just makes me happy.


Honestly – if you’re looking for something a little special for a teen who might appreciate more than a giant chocolate egg (or want to wave a suggestion in front of certain pre-disposed-to-listen eyes for yourself) then you really couldn’t do much better than this for Easter.

Of course, if you do then you really ought to add the super-cute bunny rabbit bead, to be sure that Easter has its’ place on your bracelet…


(I think I *might* just like one more bead though… This little one makes me instantly think of our trip around Italy last Autumn. Such an amazing adventure, and this odd little ‘Ancient Palace’ glass bead is full of the colours of the sea, and the sky, and the sand, and for no good reason seems to remind me of so many very special times.)


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