Travel Tuesday – Museums in Belfast: Top 3 Itinerary Fillers

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As far as city breaks are concerned, a trip to Belfast is up there with the best of them.
This Irish capital has certainly seen its fair share of down times, with ‘the troubles’ haunting Northern Ireland for years. However, with conflict well and truly behind them, Belfast and the rest of the country can look forward to plenty of sunny horizons. For anyone looking for a fun-filled, energetic and awe-inspiring city break, Belfast is the place to go.

A holiday here doesn’t require hours in the air, and with so much to see and do, there’s bound to be something to suit your personal tastes. Book into the Belfast Central Travelodge and head out to see the sights. A good place to start is the museums within the city – these three are particular highlights.


  • Titanic Belfast As the birthplace of the iconic Titanic, it’s only fair to have a stunning museum dedicated to the ship. Found in the famous Titanic Quarter, this prominent museum is spread across six floors, and provides visitors with plenty of unforgettable experiences. Interactive displays, and a number of galleries, help visitors to appreciate all aspects of the Titanic, from its very beginnings to its untimely demise.
  • Ulster Museum From dinosaurs to Ancient Egyptians, the Ulster Museum is the go-to museum if you’re looking for exhibits that showcase various times throughout history. The museum has a rich collection of artefacts and relics that any history buff will appreciate. There are also a number of hands-on activities, too.
  • W5 Standing for the five common questions – who, what, where, why and when – this interactive museum, suitable for all ages, is an award-winning science centre that steps away from the traditional idea of a museum and gives visitors the opportunity to get involved with the exhibits, to learn things for themselves. Add a museum or two to your itinerary and make the most out of your stay in Belfast this summer.

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